12/10 PC Gunny National Classic Cup 2v2 Qualifier begins

12/10 PC Gunny National Classic Cup 2v2 Qualifier begins

Teams compete on the arena server in a BO3 knockout format and find 4 winners for the final. The remaining 4 losing teams continue to participate in the BO1 format, choosing 1 team to be “revived” to continue to the next round. Thus, from the quarterfinals (from December 17 to 25) there will be 5 strong teams that will face 3 seeds: the pairs of national players Tran Tuan Hai and Nguyen Van Dang; Vu Viet Hai Tung and Truong Van Minh; Nguyen Ngoc Vinh and Tran Van Duc.

With tight results in the ticketing round standings, teams are expected to achieve close matches to earn a chance to compete with the national team in the final.

Excellent teams enter the qualifying round

The top 8 teams with the highest achievements in Gunny PC National Classic Cup 2022 receive cash rewards and in-kind gifts are exclusive Gunny PC gift combos. Consequently, the prizes for the champion and 2nd and 3rd teams are 16 million, 8 million and 4 million respectively. The 4th place team gets 2 million and the 4 8th place teams get 1 million each.

Regulation of prizes for the greatest achievements in 2v2 content

These squads receive in-game rewards including gold, silver, and bronze knight armor sets, exclusive accessories, and thousands of key currencies based on their respective ranks. Teams that participate in the qualifiers will receive a Dragon Boat Accessory Card, a 50x Sealstone, a Pet Transformation Summon Card (Sociu Dog), a Random 4-Star Rare Pet Egg, 500 Key Coins, and a legendary talisman.

2v2 Team Content Rewards Summary

All the matches of the Gunny PC Classic National Cup 2022 will be supervised and recorded by the referee, which ensures fairness and transparency in each match. The 2v2 qualifiers are broadcast live on the community channels, including Fanpage and Youtube. At the same time, the Organizing Committee also hired professional commentators to quickly broadcast each dramatic event of the match. In addition, the Golden Chicken community by watching the tournament will receive a live broadcast code, a special code, attractive items and key coins. Gunner will receive more exclusive and generous gifts from the Organizer if he actively interacts on the live stream.

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It is known that before the 2v2 teams competed, the 1v1 Lady Cup category found the champion: the gunner Nguyen Hoai Thuong. This player had great matches against the opponent to win the overall division victory.

The Gunny PC National Classic Cup 2022 is a new land of discovery, an opportunity to help players develop their strategic skills and talents on the journey to glory. This is not just a playground to indulge your passion for shooting, but also an opportunity for you to compete, network, and make your mark in the Gunny PC community.

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