3Q Quan Hung’s Siege of the Three Kingdoms

Among the games worth experiencing during the epidemic season, 3Q Quan Hung Tam Quoc Cong Thanh will definitely not disappoint fans due to a number of reasons worth experiencing, detailed below.

First of all, 3Q Quan Hung Tam Quoc Cong Thanh is an extremely attractive game in the SLG genre. For “big brain” players, organizing tactics and strategies to achieve short-term and long-term goals in simulation games and organizing strategies is a priority for these players.


Next, one of the things that attracts players is the beautiful graphics and characters. In this aspect, 3Q Quan Hung Tam Quoc Cong Thanh has a beautiful graphic platform that attracts players, in addition to creating famous generals in the Three Kingdoms such as Liu Bei, Guan Yu, etc. and especially the appearance of the military strategist Zhuge Liang . Kongming was highly appreciated by players.


Furthermore, the publisher highlights the tactics of 3Q Quan Hung with an attractive combat system, sieges, resource gathering, and building strong fortresses to help players have a great experience.

Not only that, the unique features of 3Q Quan Hung Tam Quoc Cong Thanh Chien, such as: beauty system, prison system, market system, tax and profit collection system, will help players have countless attractive experiences, especially in these stressful days of epidemic like today. .


The publisher has also updated the plug-in system, increasing the randomness, allowing players to freely organize their strategies, and at the same time, players will also customize the difficulty of the level in the experiential process.


And finally, by participating by playing 3Q Hung Tam Quoc Cong Thanh, you will receive a series of GiftCode with attractive rewards that you cannot miss:

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  • 3QWERTY: 5000 yellow cards, 500 martial souls
  • 3QASDFG: 3000 Yellow Cards, 500 Roast Chicken, 200 Martial Souls, 500 Armored Soldiers
  • 3QZXCVB: 3000 Yellow Cards, 10 Purge Training, 500 Cavalry Commandos, 100 Progress Stones, 350 Lobsters
  • 3QCVNBB: 300 martial arts, 500 martial arts, 250 steamed fish, 300 training suits
  • 3QIUROTJ: 500 advanced stone, 600 cavalry commando, 100 purification training, 250 roast chicken
  • 3QHYRTC: 20 Picks, 20 Xuan Thiet, 20 Fine Wines, 500 Thi Binh Phu Shots
  • 3QCODECHUNG: 10000 gold cards, 30 fine wines, 30 brushes, 30 deep irons, 100 dressage

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