650M Downloads and More For eFootball 2023 Mobile

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Konami recently unveiled their new 650 Million Downloads campaign for eFootball 2023 Mobile, giving players a chance at winning up to 650 Coins and plenty of GP. Bonuses will be delivered directly into players’ in-game Inboxes.

Note, however, that these points will expire six months after being claimed from your Inbox and that only one game account can be linked with one KONAMI ID.

How to get efootball points?

Earn efootball points by engaging with core titles from the eFootball series and watching eSports competitions, redeeming these points for various in-game items and bonuses across platforms. To do this, link your KONAMI ID with eFootball; this process should only take minutes – simply make sure the account you wish to redeem the points is linked with that KONAMI ID!

Efootball employs two forms of currency: Global Points (GP) and eFootball Points. GP can be earned when winning events, fulfilling objectives or getting promoted in your eFootball league – it may even be possible to receive it as part of daily login bonuses or special events! With enough GP, players can purchase Standard Players as well as training Program items!

Players can also use eFootball points to purchase “Special Players” and “Legends”, each of whom comes with a 365 day contract and boasting an excellent 99 rating in at least one playstyle. Unfortunately, these players cannot currently be returned; however, their attributes can be reset at a cost of some GP, providing another strategy when spending progression points; try getting your players’ playstyle ratings up to 90 before spending them on attributes.

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Getting efootball points

To increase your efootball points, several steps are available. First, link your KONAMI ID with your game account by pressing [Link KONAMI ID] within-game or using My KONAMI. Your data link status can also be checked on My KONAMI; just remember that any ID linked with your account can only be used on one platform at any given time.

MyClub mode makes use of efootball points earned, which can be spent on items such as club kits and Skill/Position trainers as well as purchasing rare players including legends. Note that your earned points expire six months after being claimed from your inbox; check this date either in-game or through My KONAMI website to monitor them!

Spending your efootball points wisely also means upgrading the playstyle ratings of your players – important steps that will improve your team’s overall playstyle; more playstyle ratings equal better team performances!

As another means of earning efootball points, events or objectives can also help players acquire them. You’ll find these in the efootball menu; each event has a specific theme. These events can be played against either AI opponents or against other online players and typically consist of three rounds to make learning the game simpler for beginners.

Using efootball points

With your eFootball points, you can spend them on club kit and rare training programs; players who may only be available temporarily; the game also provides an eFootball shop that regularly updates with new items; you can earn them through events and objectives completed, plus get a daily login bonus giving additional GP.

Progression points in eFootball 2023 allow players to increase their playstyle rating. This is an essential component of your team, helping ensure smooth game play; however, once allocated they cannot be taken back.

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Before redeeming eFootball Points, it’s necessary to connect your game account to a KONAMI ID. You can verify this data linkage status in-game via the [Link KONAMI ID] menu or online at My KONAMI by selecting [Account Information]. Once this step has been taken, redeeming eFootball Points can begin; please note however, that one KONAMI ID per platform may only ever be linked with one game account.

Redeeming efootball points

To redeem eFootball points, it is first necessary to link your game account with your KONAMI ID. After linking both accounts together, your points can then be used in myClub mode to purchase items such as club kits (2,000 eF Points) and skill/position trainers (500 eF Points), special players/legends/Foil cards etc. Please be aware that all eFootball points have an expiration date which lapses 365 days post redemption – keep this in mind!

Earn eFootball points by engaging with core titles, attending eSports competitions and events. Events usually consist of three rounds that pit you against AI in Division 10, clearing which will yield both GP and Training Program points as rewards. You may also get free points by taking part in KONAMI social media events and promotions.

Start the linking process by choosing the game you wish to link with your KONAMI ID, then scanning its 2D barcode using an enabled device. When prompted to agree to the eFootball Points Terms of Use and initiate linking process – or access linkage through Extras > Link Data on KONAMI ID Dashboard. It should take just a few minutes while playing game.