A gamer cried because his dog bit a series of Nintendo Switch discs

A gamer cried because his dog bit a series of Nintendo Switch discs

To prevent children from eating by mistake, Nintendo has applied an extremely bitter substance called Denatonium to Nintendo Switch game cartridges. This is very effective on humans, but when the vandal belongs to a different species, it seems that Nintendo’s clever measures are useless.

Recently on Reddit, a player whose ID has no words had to post a complaint to the online community due to his ironic situation. It’s not like his dog chews Switch game discs into pieces. In the photo published by wordlesser you can see that among the victims of this puppy are the albums The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Party, Ring Fit Adventure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s quite unfortunate for someone who doesn’t say words, just because of a minute of carelessness, a million dollar game disc suddenly turns into trash.

He added that when the incident occurred the first thing he thought about was the dog’s health, when he was sure that it was still healthy he began to feel sad and embarrassed. There are netizens who have searched through the photos of their pet dogs that Wordlesser had previously posted, although they are really angry. Looking at the innocent eyes of this “villain”, surely the lotus dog can only feel pity and helplessness. Some players suggested that non-talkers should try contacting Nintendo and accept an additional amount of money to see if they can exchange it for a new game disc.

Yes… This is the criminal oligarch.

More about Denatonium, this is the most bitter substance known in the world today, it is often sold under the trade name Bitrex and is used to produce ethanol. Nintendo applied Denatonium to game cartridges to prevent children from putting them in their mouths, causing unfortunate accidents, however, as dogs and cats are not sensitive to bitter flavors, this substance has no effect on them.

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