A Jaw-Dropping Tale: Paying Millions for Love and Friendship

A player spends 519 million to hire a friend to play with.  If he can't fall in love, he demands compensation

Imagine spending a whopping 519 million on hiring a friend to play with, only to demand compensation if love doesn’t blossom. Sounds absurd, right? Well, prepare to be amazed by the scandalous story that follows.

The Rise of New Professions in China

As the market evolves, new professions catering to diverse needs are emerging in China. One such profession involves specialized individuals who play video games with clients. However, blurring the lines between work and personal life has led to numerous scandals, and the incident we’re about to unravel is no exception.

Luu Kim’s Expensive Gaming Companion

Back in October 2019, a Chinese gamer named Luu Kim (alias) decided to hire someone named Ton Quyen (alias) to play League of Legends with him. Initially, the transaction occurred through an intermediary platform, with Luu Kim making a deposit. However, as the two grew familiar with each other, Luu Kim started transferring the salary directly to Ton Quyen’s WeChat account, a popular electronic payment and messaging app in China.

Over the course of November 2019 to April 2020, Luu Kim transferred a staggering total of 72,400 yuan (approximately 257 million VND) to Ton Quyen. But here’s where things get complicated.

Unrequited Love and Generous Gestures

As February 2020 rolled around, Luu Kim developed romantic feelings for Ton Quyen and made multiple confessions, hoping for a mutual spark. Unfortunately, Ton Quyen rejected his advances. Despite the rejection, Luu Kim went to great lengths, splurging on watches, makeup, and cosmetics worth a jaw-dropping 73,766 yuan (around 262 million VND) as gifts for his crush.

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Remarkably, Ton Quyen consistently declined these lavish presents. Yet, undeterred by the rejection, Luu Kim continued to shower Ton Quyen with gifts purchased online, having them delivered directly to his own house. Ton Quyen would sign for the packages and make use of them, but still refused to accept Luu Kim’s affection. She proposed that if they were to fall in love online, she would no longer be able to play games with him. However, Luu Kim disagreed with her conditions.

A Costly Lawsuit and a Surprising Verdict

The conflict between the two escalated, ultimately leading Luu Kim to file a lawsuit against Ton Quyen, accusing her of fraud and illegal speculation. In his legal action, Luu Kim demanded compensation exceeding the jaw-dropping 519 million he had spent on renting Ton Quyen’s company and buying her the extravagant gifts. However, the Wuhu District People’s Court of Hunan Province recently dismissed Luu Kim’s lawsuit due to a lack of evidence, ruling that all of Luu Kim’s actions were voluntary.

It’s a tale that leaves us speechless, highlighting the blurry boundaries of gaming companionship gone awry.

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