A Farewell to Need for Speed: Five Games Disappearing Forever

A series of Need for Speed ​​​​games are about to disappear forever

Are you a fan of the early 2010 version of Need for Speed? Well, if you want to own those iconic games, you better act fast! Electronic Arts (EA) recently announced that five Need for Speed titles will no longer be available in digital stores starting January 31.

The Countdown Begins

Say goodbye to Need for Speed: Carbon, Undercover, Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed, and The Run. These beloved racing games will vanish from the gaming world come May 31. While Undercover, Shift, and Shift 2 can still be found on Steam, the five games mentioned earlier have been removed from EA’s own PC Origin launcher.

The Future Unfolds

If you’re among the lucky ones who already own these games, don’t worry; you can still download them from your library on game sharing platforms. However, keep in mind that in-game stores will close on May 31, and all online services will bid farewell on August 31. While you can continue enjoying these titles offline, the online multiplayer feature will no longer be operational.

Need for Speed

An Emotional Goodbye

“The decision to close a game is never easy, but we are now shifting our focus to the future of Need for Speed,” shared the developers. The dedicated teams behind these games have poured their time, passion, and expertise into developing, creating, publishing, and maintaining them over the years. However, with a dwindling number of players, it has become unsustainable to continue supporting all five titles.

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A Common Destiny

It seems that racing games, more than any other genre, are susceptible to this fate. Microsoft, for instance, routinely removes older versions of Forza from digital storefronts each year. The gaming industry constantly evolves, and sometimes that means bidding farewell to beloved games to make room for new and exciting experiences.

Need for Speed

As we say goodbye to these five Need for Speed games, let’s reflect on the memories they have given us. The exhilarating races, heart-pounding chases, and countless hours of entertainment will forever be etched in our gaming history.

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