How to Master the Accio Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

How to use the Accio Spell in Hogwarts Legacy
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Do you want to become a proficient wizard in Hogwarts Legacy? Then you must become well-versed in numerous spells. From the formidable Unforgivable Curses to basic yet powerful spells like Incendio and Diffindo, you will have a plethora of spells at your disposal. However, one spell in particular seems to be giving players a bit of trouble: Accio.

Accio is a spell that allows you to bring objects closer to you. In combat, you can cast Accio on weaker enemies, lifting them into the air and drawing them towards you. This strategic move suspends them mid-air, granting you the perfect opportunity to unleash devastating attacks while ensuring accuracy. Outside of combat, Accio proves invaluable in various situations, such as retrieving flying Field Guide Pages, solving puzzles involving boxes and other objects, capturing creatures in the wild, and conquering Merlin Trials.

To fully grasp the power of Accio in Hogwarts Legacy, continue reading our comprehensive guide below.

Assigning Accio to Your Spell Profile

Firstly, you need to assign Accio to one of your spell profiles. We highly recommend assigning it to an early profile, as you’ll find yourself relying on Accio frequently.

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Mastering Accio’s Use Outside of Combat

Accio truly shines outside of battle. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous non-combat applications for Accio. To activate Accio on an object, simply direct your focus towards it and ensure that the desired object is outlined in white. Once you have the object in your sights, cast Accio, and watch as it starts to move closer to you. Smaller objects can be summoned directly into your hand, while larger objects require you to continuously hold the spell to draw them closer.

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For instance, in the Summoner’s Court, you’ll need to press Accio once to set the ball in motion and press it again to make the ball come to a halt. This mechanic remains consistent for any object you encounter in the world that requires retrieval. If you need to pull an object in a specific direction, keep Accio activated and move to your desired location. Once you reach the desired spot, deactivate the spell, and witness the object fall right into place.

Unleashing Accio’s Power in Combat

Using Accio in combat is relatively straightforward. Once again, aim at the enemy you wish to target with Accio, ensuring they are outlined in white. Upon successful targeting, cast Accio, and behold as the enemy is encased in a purple outline and dragged right in front of you. You have approximately three seconds to capitalize on their mid-air vulnerability before they plummet back to the ground. However, bear in mind that larger foes, such as bosses or trolls, are impervious to Accio’s effects, so refrain from attempting to use it against them.

That covers everything you need to know about harnessing the power of Accio in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Remember, mastering spells like Accio is crucial in your journey to become a formidable wizard. So, keep honing your magical skills, and may your adventures at Hogwarts be filled with wonder and achievement.

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