How to Enhance Your Steam Library with External Games

How to Enhance Your Steam Library with External Games
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Steam is undoubtedly the go-to platform for PC gamers, but there are many games that can only be found on other storefronts like the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, and Origin. If you want to streamline your gaming experience and make it easier to navigate, we have some tips on how to add these external games to your Steam library.

Adding Steam Codes to Your Steam Library

When you purchase games from third-party stores, such as Amazon, they are often Steam games that can be redeemed through Steam using a provided code. The process is simple and straightforward:

Step 1: Open up Steam and navigate to the option to redeem a code.
Step 2: Look for the Games menu at the top of the client and click on “Activate a product on Steam.”
How to add games to your Steam library

Step 3: Follow the prompts, agree to the Steam subscriber agreement, and input your Steam key.
Step 4: Confirm the code and proceed.
Step 5: Choose whether to install the game immediately or add it to your account without installing.

Although adding games through codes allows you to access them in your Steam library, please note that you won’t have access to social features or achievements for these external games.

Adding Epic Games and Other Platforms to Your Steam Library

If you have games from platforms like the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, GOG, or Origin that you want to consolidate in your Steam library, you can still do so. Here’s how:

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Step 1: Locate the game on your computer and note the file pathway.
Step 2: For Epic Games, the default installation location is usually C:Program FilesEpic Games[Game Name].
Step 3: Launch Steam and navigate to the Games menu.
Step 4: Click on “Add a non-Steam game to my library” and find the program or game file you want to add.
How to add external games to your Steam library
Step 5: Select the program from the list or use the Browse button to locate the file if it’s not listed.
Step 6: Add the selected program to your Steam library.

Remember that adding non-Steam games to your library only allows you to launch them through the Steam interface, without access to achievements or other social features.

Integrating Emulator Games into Your Steam Library

Playing old games using software emulators and ROMs is a popular choice for many players. While Digital Trends does not promote piracy, there are legal arguments for creating ROM copies of your own games or downloading ROM copies of games you’ve legally purchased, as long as you don’t distribute them to others. If you want to add ROMs to your Steam library, here’s how:

Step 1: Create a shortcut to any .exe file on your computer.
How to add external games to your Steam library
Step 2: Find the folder where your emulator and ROMs are installed.
Step 3: Edit the shortcut in Steam and replace the target field with the file paths to the emulator and ROM, ensuring to keep quotation marks around them.
Step 4: You can now run the emulator and play the ROM directly from your Steam library.

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Please note that different emulators may require additional command line arguments in the target field. You can find a comprehensive list of commands for different emulators at

Adding Windows Games and Apps to Your Steam Library

While Windows apps don’t appear in the file explorer and can’t be added to Steam by simply searching for them, there’s a handy tool called UWPHook that allows you to add them to your Steam library. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download UWPHook, an open-source tool developed by Brian Lima.
How to add external games to your Steam library
Step 2: Install UWPHook and run it.
Step 3: Let UWPHook locate all the Windows apps on your device by clicking on “Load installed UWP apps.”
Step 4: Select the apps you want to add to your Steam library and export them.
Step 5: Reboot your system, and the newly added apps should appear in your Steam library.

Please note that if some of your exported applications are missing, you may need to log the AUMID for each app manually. The UWPHook subreddit is a helpful resource for troubleshooting and additional tips.


With these simple steps, you can expand your Steam library to include external games, Steam codes, emulator games, and even Windows apps. Enjoy the convenience of accessing all your favorite games from one unified platform. For more gaming-related content, visit Capturing Fantasy.