Admire the best series of animated trailers from the Tencent festival

Admire the best series of animated trailers from the Tencent festival

During the lively press conference held last night, Tencent introduced the audience to many potential films that are preparing to release in the near future. Let’s find out with GameHub what movies it is about!

Tru Tien

Tru Tien is an animated work adapted from the famous novel of the same name by Tieu Dinh, which revolves around the mortal teenager Truong Tieu Pham on an adventure journey, facing countless difficulties and evil enemies. Tru Tien was once adapted into a television series and caused quite a stir in China.

Dai Ly Your Diary 2

Dali Temple Diary is an adaptation of the comic of the same name by author RC, the first season was released in April 2020. As the name suggests, Dali Temple Diary is set in Dali Temple, where the episode takes place focusing on major national cases . , during the Tang Dynasty, when Wu Zetian first ascended the throne. The main character of the film is Tran Thap, a newly appointed official in Dai Ly Tu, along with Thieu Khanh “Miao Gia”, Tran Thap will be committed to uncovering shocking cases and exposing plots to cause chaos. behind the scenes.

Great Great Song Kieu

Tuyet Dai Song Kieu is originally a full-length martial arts novel from the popular novel Co Long, which focuses on the lives of two brothers Tieu Ngu Nhi and Hoa Vo Khuyet after they are separated by Palace Master Di Hoa. Through many misunderstandings and difficulties, the two were finally able to fight side by side and solve the mysteries of the past.

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Dragon Clan

The main character of Dragon Clan is Lo Minh Phi, a normal student like everyone else, whose life is peaceful but somewhat boring. Just when Lo Minh Phi thought that he would always be a humble boy with a boring life, he was suddenly sent an admission letter to the Kassel Academy, which completely changed his life.

Ngo Thua An Tap Amor Luc

In the trailer you can see that the main character of the film is the author of Journey to the West, Ngo Thua An. This time, Ngo Thua An will be at the side of Tang Tang and a mysterious young woman to fight against demons. Famous characters from Journey to the West such as Kim Giac Dai Vuong, Ox Demon King… will also appear in Ngo Thua An Tap Yeu Luc.

stone ocean

At the age of 18, Jolyne Cujoh unfortunately had a car accident. Her boyfriend and her lawyer conspired to blame her for the entire cause of the accident. The innocent girl Jolyne became a criminal and was later imprisoned. The prison bars… The film is expected to premiere on Netflix next December.

Guardian Swords

Blades of the Guardians is set against the backdrop of a chaotic and chaotic society, people are willing to defy everything for personal gain, chaos in the streets, blood flowing into the rivers…



During the 2021 animation press conference, Tencent also introduced the animated project Tieu Ngao Giang Ho published by Penguin Pictures to the audience. The film is adapted from the well-known novel of the same name by Kim Dung.

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