Admire the stunning fashion show of Play Together VNG players

Admire the stunning fashion show of Play Together VNG players

It’s time to reschedule, Fashion Week Season 3 has officially returned after much anticipation from Play Together VNG players. The success of Seasons 1 and 2 led many players to search for new skins and create more unique skins to “show off” this season.

The “transformation” of the game came to life.

Continually innovating on the rules, Season 3 of Fashion Week has a more challenging theme: Transforming your favorite outfit. Players will “make up” both the game character and themselves to be very similar, take pictures or record videos, and then send them to BTC. However, this requirement can’t make things difficult for Play Together VNG’s extremely creative community of players.

Hundreds of “top of the top” entries were posted, featuring an amazing mix between in-game and real-life costumes. This shows that the fashion in the Play Together VNG game is very close to real life.

Thousands of entries with all styles, from ao dai, streetwear or travel, to the style of country music artists…

Personality in each outfit

The most special thing about Fashion Week Season 3 is the appearance of Quynh Anh Shyn and famous TikTokers like Tra Dang, Little Fox, Hang Bong, Kim Hau, Mora Bear, Sammy Dao, Phong Can TV, Ruby and Simmy Cat. The costumes in the game, in real life, are like two peas in a pod displayed by hot TikTokers with many unique styles.

Quynh Anh Shyn excellently displays a cool and impressive real life style to the game.

Kim Hau “transformed” into a beautiful watermelon.

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Sweet Mora Bear in a tone-on-tone ensemble with a striking pink hair color.

The personality of popular TikTokers and the limitless creativity of the gaming community have created an impressive fashion collection at Play Together VNG Fashion Week Season 3. They are not only cool and cool, they always know how to “transform” with many youthful, unique and fresh styles.

As you can see, fashion is always the most popular feature in Play Together VNG. With thousands of different outfit options, this game allows players to freely mix creative and extremely impromptu outfits. Players can easily create their own personalities from the fashionable wardrobe in their virtual world.

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