After 17 years, Titan Quest finally got a sequel

After 17 years, Titan Quest finally got a sequel

Titan Quest 2 was announced during a recent livestream from publisher THQ Nordic. The publisher aims to bring the beloved action RPG back to a new generation.

In 2006, the original Titan Quest brought the monster-slaying formula, collecting Diablo’s loot popular in the realm of Greek mythology. This is a classic-style ARPG and one of the most beloved games in the genre. Titan Quest was so popular that the 2016 remaster also featured a whole new set of expansion packs.

After almost 20 years of waiting, fans can finally experience the sequel to Titan Quest. The game promises a flexible character system where players can build their character class by matching two abilities to form a unique combination. The game’s Steam page notes that enemies can form factions and work together to frustrate the player, but the “value” loot system and team building will get you through the tough times.

Titan Quest 2 will have an online multiplayer mode, but unlike many ARPG games today, this title promises a “manual” world and will not appear to have randomly generated levels. This can be detrimental to replaying after clearing the island, but the world of crafting will certainly open the door to more exciting areas to explore and much more meaningful stuff to find.

THQ Nordic has yet to reveal a Titan Quest 2 release date, but they have confirmed that the title will launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S. Titan Quest 2 is in development at Grimoire Games, the studio behind the RTS RPG. hybrid. Magic Force 3.

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