Kyoto Animation’s Stunning Comeback: 2 Anime Commercials That Inspire

After a terrible fire, Kyoto Animation returned with 2 beautiful anime commercials

After enduring a devastating fire, Kyoto Animation has made a triumphant return to the anime scene with two breathtaking commercials. These masterpieces not only showcase the studio’s unrivaled talent but also convey a profound message of faith and hope.

Meji: A Journey through Time and Emotion

In the first commercial, entitled “Meji,” Kyoto Animation takes inspiration from their 20 Denki Mokuroku anime project, which was announced back in 2018. The setting of this ad is reminiscent of the Meji period (1868-1912), evident in the characters’ attire and the overall ambiance. The story unfolds as a young woman opens a book titled “Denki Mokuroku” and embarks on a remarkable journey into the future. Skyscrapers and modern technology surround her, painting a vivid picture of what lies ahead. The video concludes with a powerful slogan, “Kandou wo mirai he” (Expand emotions, look to the future), which also happens to be the motto for KyoAni Music Festival in November.

Meji Commercial

Imagination: Where Dreams Become Reality

The second commercial, aptly named “Imagination,” tells the enchanting story of a young couple and the profound impact of animation on their lives. The narrative begins with the heroes as children, engrossed in imaginative play surrounded by toys. The girl reminisces, “I used to play pretend a lot,” before closing her eyes. In a magical transition, a ninja dashes across rooftops, catching the eye of a boy gazing from a car window. The voiceover reveals, “When he was a child, he imagined many things.”

Fast forward to present times, the boy, now a high school student, demonstrates that his love for imagination remains unwavering. He retrieves a dropped glove and exclaims, “No, even now, I still like to imagine.” Instantaneously, he transforms into a ninja, just as in his childhood dreams. Leaves swirl around him as he leaps off a building, presenting the girl with the glove, now transformed into a scroll. Returning to reality, the boy presents the glove to the girl, his smile radiating warmth even in the coldest of winters. In unison, they declare, “…our love of imagination will continue!”

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A Testament to Faith and Resilience

Both commercials exude themes of faith and hope, resonating deeply with audiences. For Kyoto Animation, known for its unparalleled artistry, these two commercials mark the company’s triumphant return following the tragic arson attack two years ago. Japanese fans eagerly anticipated KyoAni’s resurrection, eager to witness the studio’s genius once more.

As we immerse ourselves in the captivating worlds created by Kyoto Animation, we are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit. These commercials not only serve as a testament to the studio’s expertise but also ignite a flicker of hope within our hearts.

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