After a Disastrous Launch, Payday 3 Developer Vows to Enhance Quality

After a turbulent launch, Payday 3 developer promises to improve quality this month

The highly anticipated game, Payday 3, has had a rocky start since its release. With a substantial decline in popularity on Steam, developer Starbreeze is now making a commitment to improve the game’s quality. In an effort to regain player trust, the company plans to implement over 200 quality of life changes this month alone. But they don’t plan to stop there. More improvements are on the horizon, with a series of patches scheduled for release throughout the remaining months of 2023.

Roadmap for Progress

Starbreeze recently published an update on their website, addressing the issues that plagued the game during its initial launch. The developer has been hard at work stabilizing Payday 3’s matchmaking system, making significant fixes over the past week. Furthermore, they outlined their plans moving forward, providing players with a roadmap for the coming months.

Increased Commercial Activities

In an effort to revitalize interest in Payday 3, Starbreeze aims to ramp up their commercial activities surrounding the game. After a brief pause, they plan to promote the game more actively and explore the implementation of Payday Credits, the game’s microtransaction system. Additionally, an extensive update is scheduled for earlier this month, promising over 200 quality of life improvements across all platforms.

Payday 3

Exciting Updates Ahead

Players can look forward to two upcoming updates that will not only introduce quality of life changes but also new content and functionality. These updates will serve as a precursor to the game’s first DLC, Syntax Error, which is set to launch during the winter season. Starbreeze also plans to release platform-specific updates, although specific dates for these updates have not been disclosed at this time.

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Overcoming Early Obstacles

Despite the initial challenges, Payday 3’s launch has garnered criticism from players due to its requirement for constant internet connection. This requirement has left many gamers feeling uneasy. Moreover, server issues during the launch process have frustrated fans, resulting in a significant number of negative Steam reviews. The game’s current review rate stands at a discouraging 38% positive, placing it among the 50 lowest rated games on Valve’s platform.

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