After Iron Man, EA Confirmed It’s Developing Another Superhero Game

After Iron Man, EA Confirmed It's Developing Another Superhero Game

EA has confirmed the Black Panther game on the rumor mill, though the publisher did not mention a release date or intended platforms. The single-player action-adventure game based on Marvel’s superhero Black Panther is in development at a new Seattle-based EA studio, Cliffhanger Games. EA has yet to release Black Panther gameplay screenshots or videos, but the company says it’s a third-person, single-player adventure developed in partnership with Marvel Games.

The project is being led by Kevin Stephens, who headed the Monolith Productions studio during the development of the Shadow of Mordor franchise. EA says that many people who worked on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and experienced developers from projects like Halo Infinite, God of War, and Call of Duty have also joined Cliffhanger.


“We are determined to provide fans with a quality and authentic Black Panther experience, giving players more autonomy and control over the story than they have ever experienced in a single game,” said Stephens. Wakanda is a huge superhero sandbox and our mission is to bring this epic world to people who love Black Panther and want to explore it.”

Rumors that Stephens was creating a new EA studio surfaced over two years ago, but in today’s announcement, the publisher reveals that Black Panther is “still in the early stages of development with a long road ahead of it.” So fans will have to wait for a while until the game lands. Black Panther is one of the many Marvel universe games that EA is developing right now. Last October, EA and Marvel signed an agreement to produce a minimum of three action-adventure games for Console and PC. Motive Studios’ Iron Man title is the first game to be announced.

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