After Spending 50 Million to Reload the Game, Master Ba’s Students Stirred Up Controversy

After spending 50 million to reload the game, the students gossiped about Master Ba to the "roof"

Do you remember those days when playing video games used to be just a hobby? Well, times have changed, my friend. Nowadays, the gaming industry has become a playground for big spenders, and our beloved Master Ba (Phan Tan Trung) seems to have joined the pack. While he still dominates in League of Legends, he has recently ventured into the captivating realm of Vo Lam Truyen Ky, and his extravagant spending is making waves.

A Costly Addiction

Master Ba lives by a simple motto: “If you play without depositing money, you will not respect the game.” And let me tell you, he takes it seriously. It is rumored that he has already spent a staggering amount of 50 million VND on the notorious red and black game known for its cutthroat nature within the gaming community.

The Concerned Student

But here’s the twist. One of Master Ba’s students, an anonymous but well-intentioned fan named Van Hien, couldn’t help but worry about his beloved teacher. Fearing that Master Ba might spiral down the dark path of addiction, Van Hien discreetly revealed this pecuniary secret. Van Hien took to Facebook and left a comment, exposing Master Ba’s extravagant spending spree to the world. Unsurprisingly, this unexpected act left Master Ba speechless, questioning the authenticity of his student’s loyalty.

Master Ba's lavish spending

Cautionary Words

In the private message sent to a mutual acquaintance, Ms. Panda, Master Ba’s “loyal” student spilled all the details about his teacher’s gambling-like deposits into the game. And to add a touch of humor, the anonymous student concluded with a warning: “Beware of his addiction.” Is this advice genuine or a playful jab at Master Ba’s expense? We may never know.

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Master Ba's student warning

The Worried Fans

As the news spread like wildfire among the gaming community, fans voiced their concerns in the comments section. They acknowledged that Master Ba indeed has deep-pocketed students who care about his well-being. The fear of seeing their beloved teacher succumb to the seductive world of gambling is evident. However, it seems that Master Ba’s students need not worry, as he has managed to stay true to his principles.

Master Ba's happy family

Tighter Controls Ahead?

In the aftermath of this revelation, it is speculated that Ms. Panda, Master Ba’s significant other, might take a more active role in managing his finances. Perhaps she will tighten the reins and reduce his pocket money. After all, every responsible player needs a financial guardian to ensure they don’t go off the deep end.

So, my friends, let this serve as a cautionary tale of a teacher whose extravagant spending habits ignited a storm of concern among his loyal fanbase. Remember, in the gaming world, even the most respected figures can fall prey to the allure of virtual riches. Let’s hope Master Ba’s virtual adventures continue to bring joy and entertainment without risking his well-being.

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