After the release date scandal, is Deathloop finally fixed?

After the release date scandal, is Deathloop finally fixed?

Bethesda says the patch fixes an issue reported by some PC gamers where mouse camera movements can cause visual stuttering. Bethesda added that stuttering also occurs due to high frame rates on PC and this will be addressed in the future as they gather more information.

Although the game received a positive response, some negative reviews on Steam mentioned stuttering during gameplay. Various theories have been proposed as to the cause of stutter, from Denuvo DRM to write memory access errors. Digital Foundry’s latest video on the subject has shown that the problem lies with the movement of the mouse.


According to Digital Foundry, the stutter is simply a result of camera shake stopping every 14 frames when gaming with the mouse at 120fps. The GPU or CPU have no problem with high frame rates, which are caused by camera animations. If you change the frame rate to 100 fps, the camera will speed it up by one frame, inadvertently adding unwanted space to mouse movement. Monitors with G-Sync or FreeSync technology refresh rates also experience stutter.

Digital Foundry also discovered a rarer issue. That is, when loading a new map, after 600 frames, an extra frame will appear and cause image stutter. Players can fix this by restarting the game or switching to a new map.

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