After the update, the Diablo Immortal server became unstable

After the update, the Diablo Immortal server became unstable

Diablo Immortal’s latest update brings a ton of new content to Blizzard’s action RPG, but after Terror’s Tide launched, players noticed they were constantly getting kicked out of Sanctuary.

Terror’s Tide is the game’s biggest post-launch update to date with a new area, new boss, and expanded Helliquary. While fans are eagerly awaiting the new content, such a large amount of data has led to some serious problems. After Terror’s Tide was released on December 14, players encountered many random disconnections, resulting in them being unable to enter Sanctuary.


Outraged gamers expressed their attitudes on Reddit. One person wrote: “Blizzard, fix the server! Servers in the North American DI regions regularly experience “ disconnect” errors. Chat is disabled, as are reports, and these disconnections often get players banned from Battlegrounds. I got disconnected twice during a Battlegrounds session.”

Disconnect errors were also reported on Blizzard’s official Diablo Immortal help forum, where one player claimed he got disconnected four times in an hour, while another player complained “after installing it” he patched it, the game keeps crashing .

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