After videos that raised suspicions of abuse, the YouTuber has been “disappeared” for 19 months

After videos that raised suspicions of abuse, the YouTuber has been "disappeared" for 19 months

Around June 2019, netizens were agitated by the suspicion that Kate Yup, a hidden YouTuber whose eponymous channel specializes in making giant seafood mukbang videos, had been abused. Specifically, when she first joined the Youtube platform, her videos were drowned in the midst of countless mukbang videos from many parts of the world, but that all changed when viewers began to notice strange signs of her strangeness in the uploaded videos. to Youtube and other MXH. . People pay more attention to the suspicion that there is a mystery of manipulation behind it.

If you search the keyword “What’s wrong with Kate Yes”, you will see analysis videos of many other Youtubers.

After that, Kate Yup’s videos were “dissected” revealing many mysterious points. For example, Kate has never fully revealed her face. She also does not put any contact information in the video description, so no one knows who she is in real life, only that this girl may be French or of French origin because the accent of this country is quite strong when greeting. the first video. Also, during the mukbang, Kate never spoke but she just focused on eating, she ate a lot and fast as if she had been starving for a long time. The YouTuber streams it all via the self-published captions below, but the source of it is weird.

Kate once said that she lived alone, but netizens pointed to many details that proved that was not the case. In one scene, the girl’s camera moves as if someone is passing by, sometimes some words of her urging her to eat quickly are also included in the video. At the peak, viewers discovered many suspicious signs on her body—bruises on her arm, split lips, chipped teeth—indicating that Kate had been physically abused. She is also told that she is trying to get help using Morse code in one scene and writes SOS in capital letters below the subtitles.

The bruises and split lip raised suspicions that Kate had been hit.

The letter “SOS” is capitalized.

After this question, Kate Yup became the center of discussion everywhere. After a short time she left a response to reassure everyone that no one forced her to eat or abused her at all, she did not have any health problems either, the bruises were from sunburn and the cracks on her lips are caused by a type of genital bacteria . . But, of course, no one believes it. After that, the frequency of posting her videos gradually decreased and she stopped on November 10, 2019; So far, Kate Yup hasn’t had any new videos or moves for 19 months.

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Netizens were also quick to find another questionable point in his latest (now deleted) video. Specifically, a phrase appears in the video subtitled “I can die in peace after this bite”, which can be understood in the sense of “this dish is delicious” or “I can die in peace after this bite”.

“I can die in peace after this.”

Since then, Kate Yup has completely “disappeared” from social media. Lots of the worst theories have been floated, but there are also plenty of internet sleuths who think that maybe she wants to stop making jokes about abuse, so she stops and focuses more on real life. There’s no denying that suspicions of abuse of her have made her and the Kate Yup channel much more popular than ever before.

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