A Journey into the World of Amorous: An Engaging Furry Adventure


I found myself immersed in the captivating world of Amorous, a unique visual novel that explores the realm of anthropomorphic characters. This extraordinary game follows the journey of a nameable protagonist, embarking on an unexpected adventure after being dragged to Club Amorous by their eager and, might I add, perpetually aroused brother. Little did they know, this night would change their lives forever as they find themselves entangled in the pursuit of amorous encounters.

General Information

  • Where to Get: Steam page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Four male, four female, and an unconventional male
  • Endings: Eight
  • First Play Through Time: Approximately 35-45 minutes per route after acquiring phone numbers
  • Time to Get All Endings: Approximately nine hours, including achievements

I must point out that Amorous caters exclusively to male protagonists, though you have the option to choose your pronouns. The game emphasizes that it was primarily designed for a male main character, which slightly detoured my initial excitement. However, I appreciated the ability to select pronouns and eventually settled on identifying as male to fully embrace the experience. Despite being a departure from the traditional otome genre, I decided to give this fascinating anthropomorphic adventure a chance.

You embark on a quest to collect phone numbers from intriguing personalities within Amorous. As you engage in conversations, the key to success lies in finding the right words to earn their digits. Surprisingly, you can acquire all phone numbers in one go. However, upon defeating a route, the game unexpectedly transports you back to the club. Since I obtained all the numbers simultaneously, I then had to return home to make the subsequent phone calls. It would have made more sense to transition to the protagonist’s house rather than remain at the club. Although lacking a tutorial, the game compensates with its characters’ animated movements. Unlike most visual novels, where sprites are typically static, or at most, blink, Amorous incorporates the charm of Nintendo 64 characters, bringing them to life in a remarkable way.

Customized MC

One of the game’s highly regarded features is the extensive character customization. You have the freedom to personalize fur color, species, accent colors, noses, ears, hair, and more. Notably, the title screen even showcases your character’s arm, providing a glimpse of their appearance. However, given the first-person perspective, you seldom catch a full sight of your customized character. Instead, you primarily see their hand holding a phone, limiting the impact of the customization feature. It’s worth noting that the Steam version is censored, with heart-shaped cutouts obscuring explicit scenes. While the intention was to prevent explicit content, the censoring proves inefficient as the animated scenes reveal the overall context, making the censoring somewhat redundant. Furthermore, the game occasionally plays what I can only describe as “elevator music” during these scenes, which adds an odd and out-of-place element. If you prefer a version without explicit content, be aware that the censorship may not completely fulfill its purpose, as the game openly discusses sexual themes throughout.

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Let’s talk about your eccentric bird brother, Coby. Being your brother through marriage, he doesn’t have a full-fledged route but plays a crucial role in shaping the game’s events. However, aspects of his storyline ultimately tarnished my perception of his character.

The Charismatic Cast of Characters

Each character possesses their unique storyline, which I will briefly touch upon to avoid spoilers. It’s important to note that due to the game’s structure, limited development time is allotted to each route.

  • Jax: A chameleon whose trust issues are the central focus of his route. While his somewhat grumpy demeanor might deter some, I found myself drawn to his complexities and the gradual building of trust between him and the protagonist.
  • Dustin: A lion who exudes an intimidating aura, making his initial advances at the club quite memorable. However, beyond his rough exterior, I discovered a surprising sweetness that challenged my initial expectations.
  • Lex: Though not an actual husky in appearance, Lex’s intriguing route takes a captivating turn when the police become involved, creating intense and gratifying gameplay. As an embodiment of non-binary representation, Lex’s character reveals a surprising twist that left me with mixed feelings.
  • Mercy: A transgender goat tediously navigating personal choices regarding surgery while embracing her unique identity. I found Mercy’s character to be somewhat conflicting, as her emotions often fluctuated without a clear sense of consistency.
  • Remy: A rabbit with a knack for attracting problematic men. Her route struck a personal chord with me, and I appreciated the opportunity for the protagonist to offer her a healthier relationship.
  • Seth: An aspiring author who seeks solace and inspiration at Amorous. Seth’s endearing personality and his minimalistic expression of sexuality compared to other characters provided a refreshing change. I did question the choice of a club as an ideal writing environment, though.
  • Zenith: A dragon with a captivating backstory that serves as a major highlight of his route. Zenith’s down-to-earth nature and compelling narrative held my attention, making his route a close second to Lex’s.
  • Skye: A playful, cosplay-loving fox who appears prominently throughout the game, often stealing the spotlight. With multiple unique sprites and a distinct room, Skye’s character resonated with the developers, showcasing their fondness for this charming personality.
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Play Order and Squicky Meter

To fully maximize your gameplay experience, I recommend saving Lex’s route for later, as it undeniably stands out as the most intriguing. Initiate with Coby and follow a sequence similar to Mercy → Coby (to avoid him being your initial experience) → Remy, Jax, Seth, Dustin → Skye, Zenith → Lex.

Regarding explicit content, it’s essential to mention that the censoring measures employed in the Steam version prove insufficient. These scenes, accompanied by frequent discussions about sex, may not appeal to everyone. Moreover, the casual appearance of Coby in his underwear, showcasing a prominent bulge, adds an additional layer of explicitness best suited for private settings.

Final Verdict

Amorous showcases the immense dedication and love poured into its creation. The unique plotlines for each character, coupled with stunning sprite designs, make for an engaging experience. However, it’s important to note that due to the game’s structure, character routes lack sufficient development time, limiting their overall depth. That being said, if you enjoy furry themes and don’t mind the NSFW aspects, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Amorous a try. It’s essential to consider personal preferences, so if the concept of furries doesn’t appeal to you, this particular adventure may not be your cup of tea. Nonetheless, it’s evident that Amorous offers a distinct and unforgettable journey into a captivating world.

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