An emerging online game to stop people from “plugging in the mouse”

An emerging online game to stop people from "plugging in the mouse"

Since its release on September 28, the fantasy MMORPG New World has attracted a large number of players and has been experiencing issues with in-game queues. Amazon Games is moving to reduce queue congestion with some measures, such as changing servers, and announced that it will bring some other changes to address the situation from a different angle: that of people playing AFK.

New World’s built-in AFK timer can force players to log out after a period of inactivity (approximately 25 minutes). In a new forum post, community manager HardcoreHenry revealed that “many players still expressed frustration about certain people ‘pretending’ to be active for a sufficient amount of time to bypass the automatic AFK scan.”


The community manager said that the New World developers fully agree that this is unacceptable behavior, especially while so many other players are patiently waiting their turn to enter the world, explaining that Together they have found a new solution to identify and Combat players who intentionally AFK.

The new system will quickly bring AFK players back to the main menu if they are detected and impose more severe penalties if the behavior is frequent. The New World development team is confident that casual gamers will not have any problems once the AFK scanner is up and running.


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