And if…? officially released, rewrites MCU history

And if…?  officially released, rewrites MCU history

After many days of waiting, finally today, What If…? – The Official Marvel Animated Series has officially launched and promises to give viewers moments of surprise with a completely different story in the alternate universe. MCU history will be rewritten once again starting with the first Avengers.

As you know, in Captain America: The First Avengers, thanks to the injection of super soldier serum, little Steve Rogers gained extraordinary strength and became the captain of the United States, the inspiring symbol of the country’s army. He was also the first member of the Avengers group. However, in what if…? That changed completely, Steve Rogers was replaced by Peggy Carter, with whom he became Captain Great Britain.

Not only Captain America and Peggy Carter, other familiar characters from the MCU big screen are no longer in their original position either: Black Panther turned Star-Lord, Vision and Spider-man replaced Ultron and Doctor Strange… The two key superheroes from The Avengers team, Iron Man and Captain America appear in the role of zombies, minions of evil. What if… can you tell? it exists in a space where anything can be started and rearranged.


The CNN site commented:

“What If…” is the closest Marvel Comics movie Marvel Studios has ever made, bringing the “what if” concept of the comics to the screen with utter enjoyment. Highly stylized animation and major character appearances Family members help increase the film’s appeal, creating an extremely logical Disney+ series.”

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Now what if…? It streams exclusively on Disney+.
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