Anime League of Legends revealed the main characters

Anime League of Legends revealed the main characters

Yesterday, Riot Games revealed many more champions that will be taking part in the first anime film set in the League of Legends universe: Arcane. In Arcane, players will meet many famous League of Legends characters but in younger versions.

Arcane is primarily set in the technological haven of Piltover and its “twin” city, Zaun, where technological terrorism runs rampant. The two citadels often collided with each other, the inhabitants of Zaun spilling unhesitatingly through the streets of Piltover and causing great mayhem.

In addition to the previously revealed main characters like Jinx and Vi, Arcane also features the participation of many other generals like Jayce, Viktor or the sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn. Appearing on the official Arcane Twitter, both Viktor and Jayce have a more youthful and different appearance, for example Viktor, if in League of Legends, Viktor always looks like a robot with a body and face hidden in armor, in Arcane, this general is he is still a handsome young man in normal clothes. This is completely understandable because the events of Arcane will take place before the League of Legends timeline.

It’s still unclear what role Jayce and Viktor will play in the anime series, but they will certainly play a big part in driving the plot of the movie, as both are from the areas around Piltover, Zaun, while also having close relationships with other developers. characters.

Arcane is currently being produced by Riot Games and Fortiche Productions, the studio that has produced many short anime for Riot in the past, including the K/DA Pop/Stars music video. The film will premiere on Netflix later this year.

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