Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a released a new trailer, revealing that it will soon meet the wibu people next year.

Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a

Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a is an anime product from the famous developer Platinum Games, inspired by the adaptation of the game of the same name in the anime series Nier. According to information found by, this Square Enix recently made an announcement of an adaptation version Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a will officially meet with “the wibu lotus” as soon as possible.

The ringing name of Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a

As soon as the name of Nier became very successful in the gaming market, the developer decided to release many new versions related to this famous game.

In 2021, Platinum Games released Nier replicant ver 1.22474487139, an enhanced version of Nier (2010) and added the mobile version of Nier Reincarnation. Therefore, Nier is always a name that gets a lot of attention and expectation in new versions in the future.

Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1aAnime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a

However, the sad news from the game developer in 2021 says that the Nier game series will officially end, which means that the Nier:Automata version will be the final version of this game.

However, in response to the expectations of fans for a long time. In February 2022, Square Enix revealed the arrival of the anime adaptation of Nier: Automata. Finally, after much waiting, fans also got a chance to look back at a big screen anime movie version inspired by the action game of the same name. The Nier: Automata ver.1.1a anime project is expected to launch in 2023.

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Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1aAnime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a

developments Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a

Nier: Automata it is inherently a derivative action game with very engaging slash and slash phases, long game duration, and the outcome is hidden until players complete their game. Nier wins over the game audience with its eye-catching graphics, realistic gameplay, and follows the plot, creating attraction and attraction for the players.

Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1aAnime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a

Regarding the content of anime Nier: Automata ver.1.1a, the film is set in the distant future, when an army from an alien planet begins to invade and attack humanity with a completely alien weapon: powerful machines. Faced with these gruesome scenes, all people were forced to leave Earth for the Moon for refuge, from which mankind began creating android horsemen in an effort to reclaim their lost planet.

Anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1aAnime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a


General, anime Nier: Automata ver 1.1a predicted to be a “blockbuster” landing Netflix In the near future, when fans hope that Nier’s strong charm can compete with big names like cyberpunk 2077 have you ever done it? Currently Nier: Automata game is available for PC and PS4, PS5 systems, players can enjoy this game to feel why Nier has achieved such success!

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