Anime Record of Ragnarok Officially Announces Season 2

Anime Record of Ragnarok Officially Announces Season 2

Today, the Japanese Record of Ragnarok Twitter account officially confirmed that season 2 of this anime series is in production. It is likely that Graphinica, the studio behind Record of Ragnarok season 1, will continue to be responsible for this part 2. At the moment Netflix has not announced the official release date of the film.

Record of Ragnarok, which officially aired on Netflix earlier this year, centers on the mightiest warriors in human history battling with gods from many cultures to win a life for mankind. Having a huge fan base, the movie also caused a lot of controversy.

As soon as the trailer was released, Record of Ragnarok was banned from showing in India, although no official reason was given, many people believed that it was all because the film caused religious controversy. In the Ragnarok Records, the god Shiva, one of the most important gods of Indian religion, is described as a sadistic, irascible person and disinterested in humanity. This angered many Indians, who worried that it might cause non-Hindus to have a false perception of this deity. In addition, many viewers also did not like the animation and the abuse of slow motion in the fight scenes of the film.


The Record of Ragnarok manga is created by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, and it first appeared in 2017 in Tokuma Shonen. Currently, the spin-off series of the series is still being made and published to the readers.

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