APL Finals 2022: Champion named Bacon Time

Chung kết APL 2022

Battle APL 2022 finals suspense and suspense just ended with the meeting between two kings Saigon Ghost and bacon time. Far from what the fans expected, bacon time broke through with a 4-1 win over the home team Saigon Ghost.

Saigon Ghost Although they only stopped at the runners-up position, they are still resilient warriors in the hearts of the fans, when the entire team fought fiercely until the last moments of the APL 2022 match. Follow the events in capturingfantasy.com.

APL Finals 2022

Battle APL 2022 finals it brought a lot of suspense and tension from the fans of both teams, when both were considered extremely talented and equally talented. However, just because of a minor slip-up, the SGP team had to cede the glorious APL 2022 trophy to the opponent. bacon time.

However, the fighting spirit and strength of the SGP team is undeniable. The Vietnam Warriors, although they did not win the championship, are still strong heroes in the hearts of fans. . Thank GSP and Bacon contributed a really flashy and dramatic final battle phase of APL 2022.

Saigon Ghost Go into battle with confidence with a lineup that includes Jiro, Lai Bang, Fish, Red, and Khoa.

APL Finals 2022APL Finals 2022 – Saigon Ghost

bacon time starting the match with the lineup of Markky – AlmondP – Kimsensei – Moowan – TAOX

APL Finals 2022APL Finals 2022 – Bacon time

Game 1 final APL 2022

game 1 APL 2022 finals it happened quite quickly when the fighting ability of GSP almost impossible to attack the opponent’s phase.

The fight phase in the dragon cave helped the warriors a bit. Bacon Time brought 4 kills with a light dragon with a difference of 2k. AlmondP heavily rampaged through General Taraa for help bacon time easily control the fighting game, press the field continuously.

APL Finals 2022APL Finals 2022

With ice that generates an advantage in the first minutes of the game, Bacon close continuously GSP and good control over all map objectives.

Only the first ten minutes Bacon Quickly removed all turrets from ‘easy as mush’ SGP. Main house GSP officially exploded after a tense fight, mid lane someone is most valuable Player in the first game.

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APL Finals 2022Master Kim, please accept me as a disciple!

Game 2 APL Finals 2022

Right in the early moments of the game. APL 2022 finals, GSP had a tactic to steal the enemy’s charms, but it didn’t seem to work when ADC home Bacon Timemoonwan he was quickly discovered and killed solo with Red and won first.

above the path of There is could not escape before the two warriors Markky and TAOX quickly defeating SGP Jiro makes it difficult for him to buy time for his teammates.

APL Finals 2022top lane Markky the bacon house

However, GSP there was a breakthrough in the 7th minute when the gap was cut to 3-4 and they beat the mid lane someone home Bacon. Although there are certain feats, but it seems GSP once again he failed to get his first victory.

APL Finals 2022Game 2 APL Finals 2022

The main pillar once again could not resist when in the final minutes of the match, GSP Bang lying down is also the auspicious time for Bacon stroke, GSP lost the evil god Caesar and Bacon Of course, capture the main house in game 2.

Game 3 APL Finals 2022

The match in the third game gradually became hotter than ever when, just a few minutes into the game, both teams quickly engaged in a fierce fight in the dragon’s cave. However, it is quite unfortunate that GSP unable to win dragons from the opponent when the immediate advantage is very potential in Final APL 2022.

APL Finals 2022Game 3 APL Finals 2022

In the 9th minute of the match, There is helped GSP got the upper hand thanks to a stellar attack when he successfully captured the dark Caesar. However, things went wrong yet again when Bacon was too strong on 15 minutes and the SGP main house attack blew up again. Gain APL 2022 finals coming very close!

Game 4 APL Finals 2022

In this decisive Game 4, both teams played cool, and GSP quickly took advantage of the Assistant rouie to steal the opponent’s charm, avoid the fight and get the Dragon turret.

In the first 10 minutes, Bacon Time play continuously by pressing the yard to increase the score of 5k gold coins. However, at the decisive moment of the match, gsp fish he spectacularly stole the Dragon and helped the host regain the lead.

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APL Finals 2022Game 4 APL Finals 2022

GSP used the split playstyle to push the turret but the player Department – Unfortunately, the midlaner was defeated, leaving the Evil God for your team. SGP had a few minutes to recover the points but lost them all.

When the opponent’s main house is about to break through, Bacon Again a skirmish broke out with the local team. However, this first victory in the final put a smile on GSPhelping the Vietnamese team retain the championship despite the dream of winning APL 2022 finals Now it’s just a thin thread.

Game 5 finals APL 2022

In the last match, Fish and krixi has sped up GSP get the first win, and both Dragon and Caesar belong to the Vietnamese team.

SGP consistently kept the game going, but the mid laner from GSP Be Pop once again unable to stay with the team, dragging There is and Department. Bacon he quickly gained the upper hand to turn the tide.

APL Finals 2022Game 5 APL Finals 2022

At 13-14 minutes, SGP’s turret was removed after pressing the charm, ending 5 dramatic games, SGP missing out on the prestigious trophy at home. The match ended with a score of 4-1 in favor of Bacon Timehelping the team to achieve a double national and international title in just one year 2022.

After 3 years of waiting, the Champion of the Tournament APL 2022 finals The world has also returned to the hands of the army bacon time with possible new faces.

APL Finals 20222022 APL Finals Champion named Bacon Time


It is impossible to deny the “external submission” of bacon time in Final APL 2022. However, the ghosts of Saigon GSP he also had a voyeuristic trip defeating them all Buriram United Esports with a score of 4-3 and Bikertopia Esports with a score of 4-0.

For the first time in the history of the Vietnam League of Nations, Vietnamese teams had to go through Bo21 matches of the semifinals and 3 Bo7 matches of an international tournament on two consecutive days. Although not win the championship, but GSP has successfully captured the love of fans and the public APL when he fought fiercely to the end.

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