Back 4 Blood reaches 10 million players

Back 4 Blood reaches 10 million players

News of this milestone comes with the announcement of the game’s first downloadable content: Tunnels of Terror, which will be released on April 12. The above content will be released in Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition, Back 4. Blood: Deluxe Edition, Back 4 Blood Year Pass, or through a standalone purchase. The expansion will feature PvE co-op in the Ridden Hives, new Cleaners and Ridden characters and exclusive weapon and character skins, etc.

Turtle Rock Studios President and CEO Steve Goldstein said: “Achieving such a significant milestone in the short time since the release of Back 4 Blood is a historic event for the studio and for the franchise. As for the future of the game, I’ll keep the momentum going with the upcoming Tunnels of Terror expansion, which will provide even more co-op content for fans in clearing the world of the Ridden.”

In Tunnels of Terror, teams of up to four members can participate in a new cooperative called Ridden Hives. Players will explore seven different tunnel-filled versions deep within Evansburgh, home to a new type of Ridden known as the Warped Ridden.


To claim loot and exclusive rewards from the Ridden Hives, players must fight their way through new hordes of the Warped Ridden, including Urchins, Shredders, and Rippers. Players can also transform into the previous Warped Ridden variants in PvP Swarm mode. The next expansion will introduce two new cleaners, Sharice and Heng. In addition, Tunnels of Terror also brings 8 exclusive character skins, 7 legendary weapons, 12 weapon skins, new cards, and more.

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The expansion will be released to coincide with the release of the No Hope difficulty level. This is a free update that aims to bring a more challenging level for elite players. It should be noted that players who purchase the expansion can share all Tunnels of Terror playable content with the rest of the party.