Bandai Namco Announces New Mobile Game To Celebrate Anime Sword Art Online’s 10th Anniversary

Bandai Namco Announces New Mobile Game To Celebrate Anime Sword Art Online's 10th Anniversary

Bandai Namco recently announced a new mobile game based on IP Sword Art Online that is expected to hit the global market later this year. The new title is called Sword Art Online Variant Showdown and it has a central plot that revolves around a new game called “Cross Edge”.

Cross Edge is a game that Kirito had heard of before. A game that attracts a lot of attention from the players, especially since this game was designed by a high school genius. One day at the Dicey cafe, Kirito heard two rumors about Cross Edge. Rumor one: there was a mysterious player who always attacked by surprise. Defeating this guy causes the player to lose part of his memory. Rumor #2: This guy often wears a hood to cover his eyes. Two rumors reminded Kirito of Laughing Coffin, the red guild that specializes in killing players in SAO. To investigate the previous rumors, Kirito and his friends start playing Cross Edge and soon fall into a surprise attack.

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown will be released for free on Android and iOS later this year. Currently, the game has entered the early registration phase with many attractive giveaways. Interested readers can register here.​

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