Battlefield Mobile revealed the first images

Battlefield Mobile revealed the first images

In April this year, publisher EA revealed that a standalone mobile version of the hit IP Battlefield is in development, expected to launch sometime in 2022. That also means that Battlefield will officially enter the FPS Mobile competitive track with PUBG Mobile o Call of Duty Mobile.

Today Battlefield Mobile has appeared on Google Play (temporarily unavailable in Vietnam) along with plenty of screenshots, giving players a first look at the game. Battlefield Mobile will feature familiar weapons and gadgets that have appeared in previous Battlefield games, such as the F2000 bullpup rifle. Players can also control vehicles such as tanks or all-terrain vehicles.

Battlefield Mobile currently has 4 classes: Assault, Support, Medic and Recon, each class has its own abilities and utilities. The game also features war heroes: characters with their own unique stories and missions, similar to the agents in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield Mobile is being tested in Indonesia and the Philippines, showing that the developer is targeting the Asian market, where consoles have fewer advantages and mobile games are popular. The initial beta test will feature a single map, the Grand Bazaar, and the franchise’s signature Conquest game mode. EA promises to share more details on other maps and modes as Battlefield Mobile prepares for launch.

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