Battlefield Vietnam “extreme warfare” with the context of the Vietnam War

Tựa game chiến tranh Battlefield Vietnam với lối chơi đầy tính chiến thuật

The Vietnam battlefield is scam offline shooting game Super war that you should definitely experience. The game is simulated against the backdrop of the Vietnam war, with dramatic and bloody shooting scenes that will surely get people playing. “addiction has no way out”.

Vietnam Battlefield: Super “roll” game mode

vietnam battlefield is a very popular game which is not only popular in Vietnam but also spread to the players all over the world. With the context completely based on the original Vietnam War, the battle layout is distributed according to the factions: the United States (USMC), the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (NVA), and the Democratic Republic from Viet Nam. (NVA) National Battle for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

first person shooter

vietnam battlefield Build the main character in a first-person perspective, giving you a lot of great fighting experiences. Although the quality of the graphics cannot be compared with yours. offline game pc heavyweight is ok but vietnam battlefield still owns eye-catching game interface, stable color and sound, you can be sure that it is a child hay pc game This fight is pretty good, no problem!

Battlefield Vietnam war game with tactical gameplayBattlefield Vietnam war game with tactical gameplay

Upon entering the match, players will need to use all their own efforts and ingenuity to implement tactics to occupy key enemy bases.

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After successfully capturing important bases, you can restore and raise your own army, as well as a base to store weapons for the entire team. Remember that you should always be careful in each strategy, which will create a stepping stone to help you win.

“Garden Without an Empty House” is undefeated!

If we have to mention the unique tactics of the Vietnamese army, it is impossible not to mention the extremely “unique” infantry tactics, or the extremely effective garden strategy to deceive the enemy.

In general, the Vietnamese, choose their Vietnamese side to play, play without forgetting the patriotic spirit, brothers and sisters!

    Battlefield Vietnam: War Game with Tactical Gameplay Vietnam Battlefield: War game with tactical gameplay.

Join vietnam battlefield, You can be sure that we always have plenty of heavy weapons to use to destroy the enemy.

Blog Game Player Let me give you the typical AK47 typical of the Vietnamese army, the barrel of the gun releases super standard bullets :> Feel free to take advantage of high-quality Vietnamese products.

How does Battlefield Vietnam need to set up the PC?

OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8.1/10

CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP

Graphic card: 128MB AGP

DirectX 9.0c

Memory: 512 RAM

Free space: 2GB

CD ROM: 16X Speed ​​Standard DVD-ROM

CD ROM: 16X speed CD-ROM standard DVD-ROM

    Battlefield Vietnam: War Game with Tactical Gameplay Vietnam Battlefield: War game with tactical gameplay.

if you like the genre offline shooting game so Blog Game Player Let me suggest that you “eat” me immediately. This offline vietnam war game! Quickly download Battlefield Vietnam Full to enjoy!

download war game vietnam battlefield

Battlefield Vietnam download link has arrived, eat it up!

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