3. Saw Story walkthrough

3. Saw Story walkthrough
Video becoming a trap game walkthrough

When you first take control you will be in the famous bear trap. You have to press the corresponding button (X,A,Y,B), followed by turning the left analog stick clockwise. Once you have done this for each side of the trap you will then have to move the analog stick up and down until a video shows Tapp throwing the trap on the floor, this achievement will then pop.

  • It’s A Trap!

    Complete Reverse Bear Trap.

Before doing anything else, just put the controller down on a flat surface and after 5 minutes of Tapp standing still, this achievement will pop.

  • You’ve Wasted Your Life

    Idle for five minutes.

You are locked in the bathroom and need to escape. Jigsaw has left a clue to a combination lock for the door which can be seen in the mirror. To see it you have to shut the doors on the three toilets to get the code. If you don’t want to mess around, the code is “437”. Walking out of the door, follow the path until you come to another door, you will get locked in and get a jigsaw video explaining what you need to do. You need to flip the fuse box to stop the timer and unlock the door, however to get the fuse you’ll have to stick your hand down the toilet. This is really easy and you shouldn’t need to move your hand around. As soon as Tapp’s hand is in there, press (A) and it should pull out the fuse. Put it in the box to stop the timer and pull the switch. You’ll have a quick video of another survivor telling you hard luck, you’re barefoot and there is glass about on the floors of the asylum, so you’ll have to keep an eye out. You’ll then be on your way.

Following the corridor to the right, on the left is a flashing medicine cabinet. Press (A) to search and (A) again to take the health hypo, this will unlock the Treasure achievement.

  • Treasure!

    Unlock first container.

Follow the path through the door and up the ladder. As you are climbing you will see something coming towards you; don’t worry, keep climbing. When you get to the top, an achievement will pop.

  • What Was That?!?

    First encounter with Pighead.

The following achievement is for looking at your first case file which is found just on the right, in a trash can as you walk through the door.

  • Would You Like To Know More?

    Find your first Asylum File.

Continue forward and you will come to a set of double doors; open one and continue to the right. First examine the body and you will get a health hypo, then listen to the audio tape. This will open the double doors in front of you. After you walk through the door you will see a video of a guy smacking out the back of your legs and will run off. Run straight in front of you and grab the pipe out of the bin because someone will burst through one of the doors. Kill this guy with a few strong hits (LT+X), popping these achievements.

  • I’m In Charge

    Fought first NPC.

  • It Was An Accident

    Kill first minion.

  • Pipe Dream

    First kill with a Pipe.

  • Just Experimenting

    Used Health Syringe for the first time

Check the body and you will get a key. Also, heal yourself with one of your hypo’s if you lost any health. Open the door with the key and continue forward, it will warn you first but the door in front of you is called a shotgun door: press (A) to open it. It will open slowly and you’ll have to press the corresponding button to see what it shows (A, B, X or Y). If you do it wrong you will be shot, but you’ll unlock this achievement.

  • Darwin Would Be Proud

    Died once.

Once through the door, go through the door straight in front of you and check the nurses tray for a nail, so pick it up. On the right is another tray that has a folder. Pick that up to unlock:

  • Who Is The Jigsaw Killer?

    Find your first Patient File.

Next, go back out of the room and turn right, you will get another pop-up telling you about lock-picking. You just have to match the inside ring and the door will open, netting you this achievement.

  • Forced Entry

    Unlocked first door.

You now just have to follow the path; you don’t have to go off anywhere else. There will be another shotgun door coming up, open that and go through. There is a door on the right, go through it and you can break the wall down. Squeeze through that, open the filing cabinet and take the fuse. Now go back and put the fuse in, this opens the door across the hall. Go in and to the right you will see X-Rays. Look at the name of the body with the key and then open the filing cabinet for another hypo, similar to the lock-picking system. Now go to the middle of the room and pick up a scalpel. You can listen to the audio, but that’s just Jigsaw ranting on who has the key, so just slice them open, stick your hand in and grab it. You will then see a video of Jigsaw testing someone and the door will open. Keep hold of the scalpel and exit through the door. Continue, open the next door and turn right through that door, and continue to follow the path; the doors on the right should say “Main Hallway”. Open them with your new key and make your way slowly across the balance beam. Carry on forward. Unfortunately you don’t have a key for the door to your left yet, so go straight forward.

Open the door in front of you, turn left and pick up the bandages if you’ve lost some health (it saves using a hypo.) Carry on and open everything you can in this room. Open the door, open the next door straight through, and open the next door. Carry straight on going forward, to the right you will again have to go over the balance beam. You will now see a grating in front of you with a hole, so jump down. As soon as you enter this room, go to the right and you will see 3 lockers: two will be together and one on its own. The one on its own has a fuse in it, the others have nothing. Installing the fuse will turn on the lights and it will show a picture of a gun on the wall. Directly in front of you there are cupboards with pictures on them; you have to open the one with the gun which will get you a coupler. Now run back to where you entered, otherwise you will get blown up. You should now be back at the ladder, but don’t climb it, instead go past it and into the dark; someone is in there. Follow the path around if he isn’t there, instead he will be up the ladder, so kill them with the scalpel to unlock:

  • Surgeon

    First kill with a Scalpel.

Now reload your checkpoint instead of chasing him. You’re going to go back to the room you blew up and walk to the back. Go through the hole in the wall and go right to the back of this room where there is a baseball bat in the sink. Pick it up, along with the ammonia, paint thinner and bandages if needed. Now exit and chase the guy you previously killed with the scalpel and kill him with the baseball bat netting you:

  • Homerun

    First kill with a Bat.

Again, reload the checkpoint and chase the same guy again, but don’t harm him just yet. You may have to unbolt the door at the top if he hasn’t kicked it in. Just outside the door is a crutch; pick it up and kill him again to pick up:

  • You’ll Need This Afterwards

    First kill with a Crutch.

Now we need to move forward to continue, so turn left and go through the two doors, and then right through the next door. Now we need to do the circuit box; this one is very easy and has no time limit. Once done, press the button on the wall, exit to the right and follow the path to a hole in the wall. There should be a filing cabinet in front of you with a nail in it, so pick it up and exit. There is a shotgun door on the left that you have to go through, make a hole and squeeze through the wall. Now go right, then left and go straight once you go through the next door. On the right you will see a guy knocking down the door, you will have to shut the door and barricade it so you will be safe from him; there is only a medicine unit in that room anyway. With that door shut, go right where the door will shut behind you. Pick up the audio tape. The door in front is sealed so you can only go right for now. The next room is booby trapped, so you will need to find a fuse which is located at the end of the room. You have to go through the door to install the fuse, this gives you the code for the room. If you want it, it’s 579.

Go in the next room, this will give you the surgical key. Pig face will then knock you out and put you in front of the door that you need to open. Follow the stairs down where you will have to listen to Jigsaw and Amanda chatting, then the door will open. Follow through and you will find your first victim. Here it’s a case of lining up red on the left and blue on the right. I don’t think that there is a time limit, but all I can say is before moving anything, work out which way the dials will turn. Once you have done the first part you will have to do it again, but this time its slightly harder. Once you do, this you will unlock:

  • Damaged Goods

    Release Amanda from her Trap.

Follow the stairs down to the bottom and listen to the audio tape. Go through, then turn left and open the door. Go to the end and listen to the tape, then the door will open. Go through and it will shut, leaving Amanda behind. Just go straight forward and you should find a acid barrel, stick your hand in and you should be able to just press (A) to grab the key. Now continue on and stop right at the bottom of the stairs, very slowly move to the right wall; there is a booby trap that you have to disarm. The door is a shotgun door, again go through and follow the path to the left. Listen to the video and then head back through the gate. Keep heading forward and eventually pig face will attack you again. When you wake, you will have a shotgun collar attached to you. It’s time to find the key, so head into the toilets. Once found, use it to exit, then go straight and through the gate in front.

There will be a guy in here with a shotgun collar; this part can be very hard. He has to be lower than you in order to curb stomp him, so hit him hard and if done right, he will fall to the floor. When he does, then press (LT + X), followed by the corresponding button, either (A,B,X OR Y), that it asks for. This is very trial and error and can take time to do but it’s better to do it now. Once you have done it, you will pop:

  • Curb Stomp

    Stomped first Minion to death.

Keep reloading the checkpoint until you have done it 5 times to unlock:

  • Merciless

    Stomped five Minions to death.

Reload again to get the guy to chase you, then shut the door and bolt it. Stand close’ish; his collar should go off, unlocking:

  • Kill Or Be Killed

    Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation.

You should also unlock:

  • Self-Defense

    Kill 10 minions.

You should have 2 or 3 health hypo’s, so heal yourself with all off them, then reload the checkpoint and heal again. Keep doing this until you pop:

  • I Can Stop Anytime

    Used 20 Health Syringes.

Once you have that, grab the mannequin arm off the rack behind you and go forward. Open the door and kill the guy for the last time to unlock:

  • Give Me Five!

    First kill with a Mannequin Arm.

Now through the door, turn right and pick up the mop handle out of the tub. Go up the stairs and open the door. A guy may appear here, if he does, kill him with the mop handle and check the other dead body for a nail. Come out of that door and follow the path slowly; there is another trap you have to disarm. Go straight forward and turn off the power. There may be a guy here, so kill him with the mop handle to unlock:

  • Cleaning Up

    First kill with a Mop Handle.

You’ll come to a room with the valve, when you do, pick it up. You will see 2 guys enter, so kill them. You should find the table lamp in here:

  • Lights Off

    First kill with a Table Lamp.

You should also unlock:

  • Duress

    Kill 20 minions.

Now make sure you check all the lockers and tables before heading back to where you install the valve head. Out of the double doors you should see a sign saying “Boiler Room” one way, “Furnace Room” the other. Head through the door to the left which will be towards the boiler room. There is a door just on the right that needs lock-picking, so pick it, then reload. Rinse and repeat until you unlock this achievement. (NOTE – You will probably have to kill those 2 guys each time you reload). First achievement is for unlocking 5 doors, the second is for 20 doors. I know it’s annoying but it really is a quicker way of getting through it.

  • Locksmith

    Unlock 5 locked doors.

  • Professional

    Unlock 20 locked doors.

Once you have done this you don’t need to go through the door, there is nothing in this room that you need. Go back up the stairs, through the door and around to the left. If you have come the right way you should see a TV on at the end of this hall, turn right and open up the worktable; you will find a few useful things here. Now, come out and open the door. You don’t need to install the fuse, instead follow the path straight forward then turn right; your collar should start blinking meaning that someone else is nearby. Just kill him and collect the things from the room he appeared from, exit, then continue forward and down.

The door in front will need picking. Inside is a health hypo so if you don’t need one don’t bother opening the door. Take the door to the left, the door will shut behind you and give you one minute to find the coupler which can be found in the locker, in the room with the door shut. Be careful (shotgun door), once you have solved the very easy puzzle and the door is open, you’re free to continue.

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Follow the path straight forward, around to the right, through the door and around to the left. Attach the valve and turn it. Follow the path to the left and climb the ladder, squeeze through, and check the locker. Then drop down, use the valve in the room and exit to the left. Follow it, you might get someone trying to attack you, so just kill him with some hard punches and continue forward. The first thing you need to do is turn the first valve, then follow the path it opened. Drop down and then open the next valve. Climb the ladder, exit out, then turn the first valve again. Follow the arrows, then you need to go to the left and drop down. Follow again, turn the valve, then climb back up and you’ll be able to exit the maze.

Through the door on the left is a switch, press it and go back into the maze. Through the door to the right you will have to squeeze through the pipes which shoot steam. This will kill youif it touches you, so just take your time. Now before going in this room there is a guy with a box on his head; you will have to kill him as he has the gear and the valve for this puzzle. There are also 4 or 5 shotgun traps in here that need disarming so be careful of these. Once you collect these, head to the pipe dial and begin the puzzle: you have to direct one pipe to the other, just connecting them up. Once you have done this, turn around down the stairs and open the jigsaw box. This will give you the key for the next victim. Once you have collected it you will have 2 and a half minutes to make your way back to the main area. Follow the way forward and around to the right. You will see 8 TV’s surrounding the door you have to unlock. Pick up the hypo, this is a weapon, it isn’t the same as a health hypo. You are going to use this to kill someone which will appear as you walk forward. Now you have unlocked:

  • Penetrated

    First kill with a Syringe.

Now open the shotgun door to turn the valve off and then continue. As you move forward you will be walking over glass, the door in front of you will close and you will have to watch a video of Jigsaw teasing the next victim. The door will open, so continue. There will be a camera on the table; DON’T pick it up, it’s rubbish and you’ll get no light from it. Just continue forward until you eventually see a room with pigs hanging up: you will have to move them around to be able to get out on the other side of the room. As you enter the room, push the very first one to block the door you just came in, then push or pull the one on the right. Now you can move the last one and escape. Later on there is a much bigger version of this room, but it is a freezer and you have a time limit. It can be very hard and we will be avoiding it for both mine and your own sakes (just to warn you in advance).

Now continue up the stairs; you have to be careful in this room as there are shotgun traps and people with baseball bats. Kill both of these guys where there is a third person trapped in a room. When the timer runs out, the door will open. Kill this guy as he has got the furnace room key. Once you’ve killed him, pick it up to move on; walking around and unlocking the door. Before going in, there are four puzzles to get this guy to escape. I can’t guarantee that your puzzles will be the same as mine, but to get an idea I have added a link below. The video isn’t mine but you should get an idea from it.

. (Credit to horrogodreturns)

Once you have done this, you will unlock:

  • Hit And Run

    Release Jennings from his Trap.

Once you have done this, walk forward and through the door where it will shut behind you. Jigsaw will tell you that you have a choice of two ways to proceed forward; we are going to go through the left door (sighted) because I’ve always done this door. Follow the path, up the ladder, across the balance beam, drop down and then head left; this bit is all about good timing and camera work. Once through, get the coupler from the locker and then head back to the box. Once you have done the box, go through the door and pick up the flashlight. Once through the next door, shut it and the bombs will go off.

Climb the stairs and to the right, through the open door, pick up some health from the cabinet and then go in the next open door. Pick up the trap schematics and check the lockers for anything, then check the toilet to get the key. Head back out and to where you came from to be able to open the door downstairs. Now before going in there (this is a trap room), go straight to the back of the room. Straight in front of you, turn left and then right for a worktable; this will have the things you need. Now go back to the beginning of the room where you came in, on the right is a door with a combination code. This takes a long time running around to get the code, so here it is instead: 435.

Open the door, do the little puzzle to stop the timer, and reopen the door back up the stairs. Listen to the audio where the door will open, so go around to the door and press the button on the wall. You will have someone attack you; just kill him and exit to the right until you come to a door. Open that, then open the door on the right. Follow the path forward and to the right where you will see a guy at the end of the hall; he’ll kill himself.

The door on the left is a trap room that will fill with gas as soon as you enter. Ignore in front of you and head to the right. Open the box where the candles are and the desk next to it for the coupler and vent. Continue to find the supply you need to cut this off; again, it’s very simple. Now you can exit that room and head back up the hallway and turn left. Go in the room that is red, do the circuit box and exit to the door that’s now undone. Hopefully you picked up the guy’s gun, now you can shoot the next guy after opening the door to unlock:

  • Say Hello To My Little Friend

    First kill with a Gun.

Go across the balance beam and continue down the stairs. Be careful outside as there are shotgun traps out here. Make your way across and up the ladder. This guy will try to throw fire bombs at you, so just kill him quick. If you still have the gun, you could kill him before going up the ladder. Around to the right and straight forward, watch out for the tripwire as it is connected to the empty book case. Keep going straight across the balance beam and to the door in front of you. You cannot unlock so carry on, the door on the right needs picking. There is only paint thinner and a health hypo in here so it’s up to you if you want to go in there. Go through the double doors and straight forward. Through the second door on the left there is a weapon box, but you don’t need it. Go forward slowly as there is a tripwire here. Disarm it, then if you go through the door on the right you will have to walk over glass. However if you smash a hole in the wall on the left you can avoid that. Once you unbolt the door there will be a guy to kill. Easy enough. Go out the door and follow the path forward, you will come to a door. Go through, you will see two guys fighting here in the graveyard. You can unlock the following: –

  • Grave Digger

    First kill with a Shovel.

Jump down, grab the shovel, restore checkpoint, and open one of the jigsaw boxes (you will die but should unlock)

  • Fire Hazard

    First kill with fire

Once you have done these two achievements and the two guys are dead (be careful of your surroundings because of the tripwires they can be hard to see), you need to find the grave with Detective Sing’s name on it and open the box. This will give you the key to Cedar Ward. Once in, follow the path to the right, open the door, and enter.

The door on the right of the room is a shotgun door, it has paint thinner, ammonia, a pipe and a flashlight inside, so really your choice if you need any of that. Proceed forward, and inside the double doors is another timed part. Instead of running you through where to go it’s easier to give you the code to the door, so as soon as you enter the double doors head left as far as you can. There will be a set of double doors with (Seek Sanctuary). Enter the code (838), go in and close them behind you. Wait for the bomb to explode, then you can go back out. When you do head just left of the door and punch a hole in the wall in the toilet, it’s key hunting time! Once you have it unbolt the door behind you and open the doors ahead of you.

->>>Down the stairs is a picture and an audio to listen to. Go through the next door and there is more to read/listen to. Go through the next door there will be a clip of pig-face. Carry on and open the next door downstairs, and follow the path to, and through, the double doors. Go to the workbench to pick up a fuse and a nail and then pick the door behind you; in here you can make a stun trap. Exit out the double doors, take the door in front of you and open the mesh door on the left. Collect everything you can in here and exit out and continue on the left. Now you can do the circuit box; this one is bigger, but again, easy. Open the very first door and kill this guy as he has a spiked baseball bat. Pick this up and attack the angel on the workbench as there is a key inside it. There is no one in the second door, so continue round where there will be someone in the third door. Open that and kill the guy with the spiked bat to unlock:

  • Sometimes It Sticks

    First kill with a Nail Bat.

Now you have the chapel key, so head back to the door you saw with the TV’s around it and open it up. Once you watch the video and listen to the audio, head in and round up the stairs. Don’t worry about what’s down the right side as it’s nothing important. Instead, open the door on the left, kill the guy and pick up what he has dropped. Continue round, open the door and down a few stairs. Now do the circuit box on the wall up the ladder. Unlock and open the double doors in front of you and continue forward where you will now have to rescue Melissa Sing; you have to move some boxes around four magnetic mazes. I think you get four mistakes before she dies, but if you copy these directions she wont and you’ll unlock the Absent Parent achievement.




(Edit) – I have been told for some reason that puzzle 3 didn’t work and that I should check out a solution written on TA the problem “Could be possible on other regions”. If the above doesn’t work you should try this (LEFT,UP,RIGHT,DOWN,RIGHT,DOWN,LEFT,UP,LEFT)

CREDIT TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: – Mickey Burns, Ramon4815162342 and zejesus.

  • Absent Parent

    Release Melissa from her Trap.

Continue up the stairs as far as possible and through the door. Melissa will leave you there, so continue in to the first room and then in to the second. On the table is the Gas trap schematics, so pick them up and open the next door. Move the barricade and open that door. Go into the toilets and hunt for a gear in the toilet. Exit out and go through the door to your right. Follow the path round, pick up a few bits, then continue forward up the collapsed floor, then straight forward, follow the path to the end of the corridor and open the last door on the right (ROOM 107).

Break a hole in the wall and continue forward up the stairs; kill the guy quickly. Be careful as there is a tripwire here that you need to disarm. Now go left, follow the path round and down until you get to a workbench. You should now be able to create the gas trap having two traps. Unbolt the door and go back up the stairs.

Now when you go forward you will have a time limit to find the first bag of puzzle pieces: it’s the third door on the right which is also a shotgun door. Once inside, you will have to put the gears in the right places to unlock the box. Once done, the timer will stop, so go out to the right and ignore the rest of the doors. Jigsaw will open the next door for you, so go in and on the right is some health.

Continue down through the hole in the floor and through the door that should be straight in front of you. Break the hole in the wall and continue down the next hole where there is a guy in the next room with a spiked bat. Chances are you won’t have a weapon, so just keep hitting him quickly. Go into the big office that’s behind where that guy came from for the explosive trap schematics. DO NOT change the flashlight for the camera as it’s really rubbish. Now go down the stairs, through the door on the right and then through the door in front of you for some fuses. Exit out and up the ladder and across this time. I think it’s safe to use the gas trap that we have built, so when you get to the guy in front, reduce his health by about 3/4’s. Press RB to choose the trap then LT+RT to drop it and he should walk in to it, killing him, but make sure you back away quickly from the gas trap; you may also want to heal yourself as you’re moving back otherwise you will die too.

  • Choked Up

    First kill with a Gas Mine.

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Go left you should have three doors. The one on the left needs picking, but you want to go in there as it has another trap table to make your explosive table. If you’ve been following so far you will have the right ingredients for it. Now that you have two traps again, exit out; don’t worry about the other two door’s as they have nothing in them. Go left and drop down and through the double doors. Listen to the audio tape to continue. The door to the right will open, so continue through and follow the path forward until you get locked in between having to listen to jigsaw.

Continue forward again where you will eventually come to two guys fighting; if they see you they will run to you, if they don’t, they will fight until either one is dead. Kill the other guy and keep walking forward where there will be a hole in the wall and you will see scaffolding and ladders. You need to climb these and walk the balance beam across.

The next room has a door with a combination code to the left, just as you enter. To the right you will have to undergo several tasks, so to save you the trouble, the code is 206. As soon as you enter, a guy will attack you, so just kill him and then move away from him. Go in the next room for the second bag of pieces and exit out and right again. Across the beam and down the ladders, follow the path where you will see the door open that you need to go through; that’s because it’s another gas trap that you will have to stop before being killed. The door to the right holds what you need to be able to do to the trap. Be careful as there is a shotgun trap in front of the desk. Once you have done it, you can exit and follow the path round to the right until you get to the double doors. You will then need to put together a picture of Billy the Puppet before moving on to free your next victim; Oswald.

This has three different sized circuit boards. You have to get the lights all green on each one before the timer runs out. This is fairly simple; just take a little time to look at the board. Once done, you will unlock:

  • Aphasia

    Release Oswald from his Trap.

When you restart, head up the ladder where you will see Oswald get squashed. Continue straight forward, down the hole, listen to the tape and open the door. The next door will open, so continue forward and in the left door is some scissors, so pick them up — be careful as there are tripwires in here. As you make your way over to the door on the right hand side of the room, in the toilet is the key. Unlock the door and a guy should appear; use the scissors to kill him and unlock:

  • Splitting Headache

    First kill with Scissors.

If he doesn’t appear, carry on forwards and down where there is a guy. Just kill him, then carry on forward and you should be able to see a tripwire. Disarm it and move forwards where there is a valve you need to turn. Then head back up the ladder, round the corner and climb the next ladder.

Once up the ladder, go right where you can make another trap if you wish to, but carry on over the balance beam where you can search the lockers if you wish and, open the door. The code for the double doors in front of you is 628. Follow round to the left and down the hole. Follow the path right, then left, then left again and you should find some lockers. Open them for a fuse and a couple of other things, then come back out, then left, follow the path round and open the door. As you walk over to the circuit box a guy should attack you. Kill him, then do the circuit box; it’s easy enough to do, and then press the button on the opposite side of the room to open the doors. Follow the path around until you get to a floor that is electrified. Flip the switch to turn it off and go through. Follow the path around and up the stairs.

When you first enter you will see a guy trapped in a room. Leave him for a minute and walk round where a guy should appear with a collar on. Take his health down 3/4’s and use the explosive trap: RB to choose trap and LT+RT to set the trap to unlock:

  • Wait For The Boom

    First kill with an Explosive Mine.

Reload the checkpoint and do the same same again, only use the stun trap this time to unlock:

  • Whoops!

    First kill with a Stun Mine.

Once you have done this, pick up the table leg he drops and open the door to the guy that is trapped. Kill him with the table leg to unlock:

  • You’ve Been Served

    First kill with a Table Leg.

Continue forward towards where the the first guy came from, straight forward to the end, then turn left, then right and then left where you’ll be facing another balance beam, so walk across it. Smash a hole in the wall, go through and down, and pick up the hand from the box. Follow the path and go through the door. Move the barricade and kill the guy that comes through. Follow the path to the left, past the hanging body and through the double doors on the left. Follow the path straight forward until you come to a mesh door with a TV either side. Watch the victim being tortured, then you can go through. Follow along where you will go through a door and down some stairs.

(WARNING) before going into the next room it is a trap you will have 3:30 to do two circuit boxes as soon as you enter the room head right be careful as he has put a tripwire in ignore the circuit box in front of you follow the fence round to some lockers you need the coupler first to unlock the box once you have it go and do the box once done head out and round to the left side of the room again round the side past the box is some lockers get the coupler and turn the valve behind you then go back and unlock the box and make all the connections once done you can run to the door in the middle and escape before the timer goes off.

The next room is also timed you will need to check the worktable to the right of you as you enter as it has a coupler in it this time you will have 7:30 but it’s harder first go to the left and press the buzzer to open the door kill the guy and go to the circuit box behind you is a locker with the coupler in this box is very large but shouldn’t take you very long once done exit to the main room this time on the right hand side is a gas room if you follow the directions you should be fine as soon as you enter the gas room you need to go left , right, left to find the box open this is a small puzzle and opens the door next to you get in there as quick as possible to preserve your health just as you enter the room on the left is a locker with another coupler in it you can use this to open the next circuit box time is against you on this as it is a big one you will need to go back through the gas room to escape run straight through the middle of the room and out the door it will shut behind you climb the stairs you left left at the top of the stairs and pick up the audio. go through the door and put the hand in the burner then retrieve the key go forward a little and you will see in front of a door with a tv to the right and three pipes this will be your next victim once you open the door you will have to move the pipes round on all three for Obi to escape the furnace unfortunately you don’t get a lot of time to do these so you have to be quick once you have done this you will unlock.

  • Eager Student

    Release Obi from his Trap.

Once you start up again pick up the audio and listen go through the door before going up the stairs go to the pool of blood and pick up the hatchet once you have it follow the stairs to the top here you will have to put your hand in the acid to get the key for the door that just shut now unlock it and continue round Obi will leave you here just go down the hole.

(BIG WARNING HERE) – This bit has a lot of hard puzzle’s because basically all we have to do is get the code for the double doors i’m going to save you the work of having to do all the puzzles which includes (moving the pigs on the trolleys in a freezer which takes an age to do) so we are avoiding that.

Walk up to the double door’s the code is (831). nowrun up to the stage and through the curtain here is your next victim Jeff he is attached to a board basically you have a game of memory on the TV’s to realise him you can have up to five mistakes at the same time before Jeff dies each time you load this victim the TV’s will be in random places here is a list :-


Once done you will unlock.

  • Born Victim

    Release Jeff from his Trap.

Once you can move again pick up the audio tape then go through the double doors realise the guy in front of you and kill him with the hatchet to unlock.

  • Hatchet Job

    First kill with a Hatchet.

head through where he came from and round to the right and you can climb a ladder go across the balance beam ignore the door on the right go round to the left then through the door at the back of the room is a table get the stuff from that and break the wall down go through and follow the path till you can go through a hole in the floor pick up what you can in this room and listen to the audio tape for the door to open once in go round to the left and break a hole in the wall just go straight through don’t stop in the next room is where you will finally get to fight pig-face just keep one hand/finger on LT and keep press the (X) button to hit and kill him if he does manage to grab you, you will have to move the analog stick round then keep hitting him once he’s dead pick up the key from him you will also unlock.

  • Violence Begets Violence

    Kill the Pighead.

Exit out and round to the left till you find the entrance to the library go through as soon as you go through continue till you come to a hole in the wall on the right collect the valve from the locker and get ready to connect the pipes again as soon as you are done go down the stairs and pick up the audio tape a door will open follow that walk forward towards the candles jigsaw come out and tells you that you need to get the last key so get to the open door now once inside this door you have 10:00 minutes to get to the key so follow the path and open the door forward then right down the ladder then forward ignore the two guys fighting and climb the ladder on the right of those walk across the boards then up the next ladder then right down the stairs and through the door turn right then up the stairs now you have to make your way across the boards over the electrified floors you need to go left but beware of steam shoots out of pipes once inside the door you can grab the key but ahead you will have another gas room and big circuit board to do.

Go straight forward then you should see like a tall cupboard they call it a pantry open that to get a valve then go up the stairs to the right once in there the gas can’t harm you so do the pipes so it can drain the gas then check all the draws and cupboards you should find the coupler now exit down the stairs and to the right follow round to the end of the room you will find the circuit box on the right once that is done go through the door and follow the path till you come to an open door you are now back in the library go forward then you will enter the room with the two doors.

Choose Freedom first as it’s quicker the cheevie pops straight away.

  • Never Truly Free

    Complete game using Freedom Door.

Open the door the cheevie will pop straight away you can watch the video if you wish to or you can just pause then reload the checkpoint and choose the Truth door.

  • Cost of the Truth

    Complete game using Truth Door.

Open the truth door and follow the path till you come to a ladder climb it pick up the health in front if you need it then head right keep following the path and squeeze through the hole follow the path and go across the balance beam run next to the bookshelves as jigsaw knocks them over again just follow the path drop down and kill the guy that appears pick the lock on the double doors in front of you continue up the stairs now bash the door in you see close watch the video at the end the last cheevie will pop.