Blockbuster MMO Chrono Odyssey Releases Spectacular Gameplay Trailer

Blockbuster MMO Chrono Odyssey Releases Spectacular Gameplay Trailer

Chrono Odyssey was first announced at the end of 2020. It is an open-world fantasy MMO game developed using Unreal Engine 4. NPIXEL, the developer of Gran Saga, is working on the project. The first trailer has impressed many people thanks to its beautiful detail and gloomy atmosphere. However, Chrono Odyssey has been gone for a while since then, leaving MMO gamers curious about the state of the game.

Recently, NPIXEL is back and brings the latest skin to Chrono Odyssey. The game has now been updated to Unreal Engine 5. The Chrono Odyssey Twitter account went live in early April, sharing various concept art and promising an upcoming gameplay trailer. And as promised, a nearly 4-minute trailer has been released that introduces the gameplay of Chrono Odyssey.

Notable key details include Chrono Odyssey’s open world, which NPIXEL describes as “ever-changing” with new climates and environments for each season. The trailer also shows the fast-paced action battles of the game along with the abilities of some character classes such as archers, wizards, etc. Archers, swordsmen, and mages could just be the beginning of the diversity of forms in Chrono’s combat element. Odyssey.

Another prominent feature of MMO games is multiplayer battles. In addition to many individual battles, the trailer also shows battles involving many large and small squads. The group of four fought a large monster and then a fire-breathing dragon. Larger scale battles will require the player to take down a large winged creature from the void.

The developer will gradually reveal details about Chrono Odyssey’s open world, complex career system, epic story spanning time and space, release date, and in-game economy in the future. Hopefully, NPIXEL won’t make MMO fans wait a few more years for more Chrono Odyssey news.


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