Bloodborne: Dive into the Frantic and Terrifying World


Bloodborne, an action-RPG developed by FromSoftware, Inc. and SCE Japan Studio, invites players on a thrilling journey through the Gothic city of Yharnam. Led by the renowned director Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game introduces a fresh take on the genre, combining the intense combat mechanics of the Souls series with a unique setting and story.

A New Approach to Combat

In Bloodborne, players must embrace a more aggressive and fast-paced playstyle compared to its predecessors. The use of shields is heavily discouraged, with only one shield available in the game and a clear message that shields promote passivity. Instead, players are armed with a vast array of “trick weapons” that can transform between different forms, granting each weapon a distinct set of attacks. For example, the Threaded Cane can switch between a cane and a whip, offering versatile combat options.

Dodging and evading attacks have also undergone changes in Bloodborne. Players can now roll at full speed, regardless of the equipped armor. While locked onto enemies, dodging becomes a quick step or side step, providing greater maneuverability and additional invincibility frames. These modifications result in a thrilling and frantic combat experience, requiring precise timing and adaptive strategies.

The Threaded Cane weapon

Consequences of Death and Healing

Death carries significant consequences in Bloodborne. When players die, they lose all their “Blood Echoes,” the in-game currency. These echoes can be either left as a pool of blood on the ground or absorbed by nearby enemies. Players must retrieve their lost echoes by defeating the infused enemy or reclaiming the blood stain. However, if they die before retrieval, the echoes are lost forever, adding an extra layer of tension to each encounter.

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Healing in Bloodborne relies primarily on “Blood Vials,” reusable healing items obtained from fallen enemies. These vials can also be purchased and provided by special NPC characters, each with their own unique attributes. However, the maximum carrying capacity of vials and bullets can be increased with the acquisition of specific runes, enhancing the survivability of players as they progress through the game.

Unraveling the Dark Tale

Bloodborne’s narrative unfolds in the Gothic city of Yharnam, once renowned for its legendary remedy capable of curing any ailment. However, the city now faces a terrifying beast plague, transforming its inhabitants into nightmarish creatures. Players assume the role of a human infected with this plague, embarking on a perilous quest to find a cure while preserving their own humanity.

Exploring the Chalice Dungeons

One of the notable additions to Bloodborne is the Chalice Dungeon, an optional and procedurally generated dungeon hidden beneath Yharnam. To unlock a chalice dungeon, players must bring a special chalice item, resulting in a unique dungeon layout for each playthrough. These dungeons feature challenging bosses, and co-op exploration requires players to create their own dungeons using the corresponding chalice.


  • Pthumeru Chalice
  • Central Pthumeru Chalice
  • Lower Pthumeru Chalice
  • Defiled Chalice
  • Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice

Hintertomb Chalices

  • Hintertomb Chalice
  • Lower Hintertomb Chalice

Loran Chalices

  • Ailing Loran Chalice
  • Lower Loran Chalice

These intricate dungeons offer a wealth of new experiences, and their depths hold secrets and rewards for those brave enough to delve into their darkness.

To fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Bloodborne, embrace the challenge, adapt your combat style, and uncover the dark secrets lurking in the city of Yharnam.

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Capturing Fantasy