Bloodhunt ends development

Bloodhunt ends development

A year after its release, developer Sharkmob announced that the free-to-play battle royale game Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt will stop development. Released in April 2022 after months of early access, this action game for PC and PS5 pits players against 48 other vampires, with the help of guns, swords, and other weapons they can’t harness.

Yesterday developer Sharkmob said that because they are unable to reach the required number of players, they will stop developing content for this game. In-game monetization will also be disabled. However, the Bloodhunt servers will remain active in the future.

The developer shared:

Since launch, we have embarked on a journey to stimulate and delight players, however, despite having a great and highly engaged community, we have not yet been able to reach the player count needed to sustain growth. This has led us to decide to stop developing new content for Bloodhunt. With that being said, the Bloodhunt servers will still be up and running and players will still get the experience of the game. Our goal is to maintain servers for an active community and player base. For those who enjoy the game and want to stay engaged, we’ve worked on several solutions to make sure the game stays interesting. A player voting system will be implemented to regularly unlock new stuff and keep Bloodhunt fresh. We will share more details on how this system works as we get closer to the release of the next update. This will be the final patch for Bloodhunt. Other than this update, future patches will be for maintenance purposes only.

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All real money purchases will be deactivated at the end of this year on September 26. Until then, Sharkmob will make it easy for players to earn Bloodhunt Tokens, so that players can purchase skins and other in-game items after the previous timeline with their token inventory.

It’s been a sad day for Sharkmob and their huge fan base. Vampire: Superman. Bloodhunt is a breath of fresh air in the increasingly crowded world of battle royale, with many exciting ideas for players to transform into a vampire in a shooter.