Blue Protocol delays the release of the English version

Blue Protocol delays the release of the English version

After a planned 2023 release, Bandai Namco’s action MMORPG Blue Protocol has now been pushed back. Blue Protocol was revealed at The Game Awards 2022 and marks a partnership between Japanese gaming giant Bandai Namco and emerging AAA publisher Amazon Games.

In recent years, Bandai Namco Studios has released titles like Code Vein, Scarlet Nexus, and Tales of Arise. Fans of these games are eager to try out the studio’s upcoming role-playing game, Blue Protocol, an online multiplayer experience that allows players to team up to go on quests, fight, and battle. Although different from the single-player RPG series, which only focused on the studio’s previous story, Blue Protocol still possesses outstanding storytelling and engaging characters.

On Twitter, Blue Protocol announced a June 14 release date in Japan and revealed that the game’s Western release time will be pushed back to 2024. Additionally, in a post on the Twitter official website, Blue Protocol says the localization is one of the reasons that lead to this. unfortunate change. However, the post also confirms that the game will have a closed beta on PC later this year.

In addition to Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco Studios is currently preparing for the release of Tekken 8, one of the most anticipated fighting games. Perhaps the focus on Tekken 8 is another reason why Blue Protocol missed out on fans. However, with over 1,200 employees and the support of Bandai Namco Online, the chances of Tekken 8 taking development resources away from Blue Protocol are very low.

Blue Protocol publisher Amazon Games has struggled to find success following the release of New World. With the recent success of Lost Ark and the recently announced MMO Lord of the Rings, Blue Protocol could be another step in the right direction in Amazon Games’ publishing field if successful.

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