Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Arrives on Xbox and PlayStation

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Arrives on Xbox and PlayStation

10/10 on Steam? It’s no surprise that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is now available on Xbox and PlayStation! After a successful launch on PC through Steam, where it received rave reviews, and on Nintendo Switch, this game from the talented Team Reptile squad is making waves on console platforms. And let me tell you, it looks absolutely stunning. It’s easy to see why it has garnered “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews on Steam.

What is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a game that brings a bit of trickery to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. It’s set in All City, where you embark on a journey to join the Bomb Rush Crew and uncover the secrets of Red, a graffiti writer known for their cyberhead. As the player, you must help Red prove themselves as the best in the land by taking over territories, challenging rival crews, and showcasing your own unique style.

Of course, no game like this would be complete without skateboarding, inline skating, and BMXing. Utilizing the world around you, you’ll perform tricks, accumulate points, and unlock new features and boosts.

Dive Into the Features

Here’s what you can expect when playing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Xbox and PlayStation:

  • Explore the 5 main boroughs of the city, hit graffiti spots, and gain reputation (REP) to challenge rival crews in Crew Battles.
  • Discover new crew members, graffiti pieces, outfit colors, and music hidden throughout the city.
  • Showcase your skills with skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX tricks using the unique environment-based trick system. Extend your combos with manuals and achieve higher scores with special Boost Tricks.
  • Build up boost power by performing long combos, allowing you to move around the city with both speed and style.
  • Beware of the dynamic militarized police force, whose presence escalates as you leave your mark on the city.
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Get in on the Action

If Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has piqued your interest, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (optimized with Smart Delivery), and the PlayStation platforms. Simply head to the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store to download the game. The price for Xbox is £33.49, and the cost should be similar on PlayStation.

We can’t wait to dive into Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and provide you with a detailed review. Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, let us know what you think about this game in the comments.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Xbox Game Description

Start your own cypher and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of New Amsterdam. Dance, paint graffiti, collect beats, and showcase your incredible tricks while facing off against the cops. In this captivating game, you take on the role of Red, a graffiti writer who uses a cyberhead to navigate the city. Join forces with the Bomb Rush Crew, Tryce, and Bel, as you aim to become the most renowned graffiti crew in All City. Through gaining territory, you’ll unveil the truth behind Red’s severed head and discover the deep connection between their human side and the world of graffiti.

To experience the captivating world of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, visit Capturing Fantasy and immerse yourself in this thrilling adventure.