“Buddha” players try not to get bloody in GTA 5 and the end

"Buddha" players try not to get bloody in GTA 5 and the end

The GTA series in general and GTA 5 in particular have long been famous for their level of violence, and it has often become a “scapegoat” for authorities to condemn every time an incident occurs. However, wanting to find something different, a player once tried to play with the “Buddha” system, minimizing deaths in GTA 5 and the results were surprising. Because no matter how hard they try, players still have to kill… over 700 lives to complete the game.

Of course, in a game like GTA 5, violence is inevitable. With a context full of crime, moral boundaries are blurred, even if the player is human, in some cases, killing is the only solution. According to Redditor TK-57’s experiment, although killing is limited as much as possible, the number of lives required to complete the game is still 726.

Of the 3 playable characters in GTA 5, the gangster Franklin Clinton is the most ambitious and ruthless, killing 295 people, Trevor Phillips is in second place with 258 kills and the last is the criminal who killed 295 people, the retired Michael De Santa with 172 deaths. . Furthermore, the three of them also coordinated to kill another enemy, bringing the total number of names to 726. Commenting on the article, some people believe that the number of people killed can be reduced further by taking advantage of NPCs. The decrease in numbers is certainly not significant. Either way, there’s no way to finish GTA 5 without getting your hands bloody.


Despite causing a lot of controversy over the level of violence, the large number of players has shown the great appeal of GTA 5. In addition to GTA 5, fans are eagerly awaiting the new sequel. Many rumors about GTA 6 are circulating online, but Rockstar has not revealed anything yet. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to see official information about GTA 6.

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