Call of Duty MW2: Messi, Pogba and Neymar suddenly joined Modern Warfare 2

Bộ ba nhân vật mới sẽ xuất hiện trong Call of Duty MW2

After the multi-million dollar cooperation between Messi and PUGB, recently, call of duty MW2 – The king of shooters also did not let himself suffer when he officially signed a cooperation contract with the talented trio of soccer superstars Messi, Neymar and Pogba.

Call of Duty MW2: Super engaging shooting game!

call of duty MW2 it is the second most popular game today with a huge number of visitors from the gaming community. Last version modern warfare 2 he is also doing a great offense to bring the line Offline shooting game for PC This innovation goes further to market, thanks to a partnership with three of the best footballers in the world today.

Call of Duty MW2: Attractive game with sharp graphics!Call of Duty MW2: Attractive game with sharp graphics!

On October 28, a former EA employee “taunted” fans of the game. modern warfare 2 with the last two images of Neymar and Pogba forming the gate.

Pogba and Neymar in the form of Call of Duty MW2Pogba and Neymar in the form of Call of Duty MW2

However, when the fans have not yet realized call of duty MW2 He again announced that Messi will be the next character to cooperate with this game! What a move of God, no one can guess!

Messi strong Call of Duty MW2Messi strong Call of Duty MW2

According to, the trio of characters added to Modern Warfare 2 will be freely controlled by players. That is, by participating in the match, players will be able to control soccer superstars to “break the virtual world” in the game. call of duty MW2as well as perform other missions available in the game.

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The Qatar World Cup is near the door, this is also a great opportunity for call of duty MW2 more accessible to the audience who loves the game, as well as promoting the image of the shooter around the world. Call of Duty MW2 will be like when there are faces”Samba dancer Neymar” “magician pogba” and “GOAT Messi”?? Can these three superstars break the island? modern warfare 2 No? Let’s watch it together guys!

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