Capcom and Tencent team up to produce the new Monster Hunter mobile game


Capcom’s hit series Monster Hunter is in the process of making the leap to mobile devices. More specifically, the above project is a collaboration between Capcom and TiMi Studio Group, a developer owned by Tencent, the father of mobile games like Call of Duty, Pokemon Unite, and Lien Quan. This partnership promises to bring back the hunting action that made Monster Hunter famous on mobile and mobile.

This first-ever partnership between TiMi and Capcom will combine the experiences and strengths of both parties, allowing Monster Hunter to expand its reach across all platforms, giving hunters the freedom to hunt and shoot anytime, anywhere.

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Details of the project are still very limited at this time, but more information will be revealed soon. In recent years, Monster Hunter has finally crossed the line in the west and generated excitement from Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, taking the franchise into the biggest arenas. Capcom recently confirmed that sales of Monster Hunter Rise have surpassed 11 million units worldwide, bringing the series total to 88 million, making it the publisher’s second best-selling series after Resident Evil. . A successful move to mobile could significantly boost sales of Monster Hunter World.

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