Capcom Officially Confirms Street Fighter 6

Capcom Officially Confirms Street Fighter 6

According to an official and confirmed source, part 6 of the Street Fighter fighting game franchise is in development. Capcom has long shared hints about a new title in the series, so a sequel to Street Fighter V is sure to be well received.

Last week, Capcom launched a mysterious countdown website that hinted at a special type of announcement. Fans have put forward two theories that the site will reveal the Resident Evil Village DLC and the much-awaited Street Fighter 6 announcement. The second theory is largely based on the recent Street Fighter V Pro Tour 2022 event that just ended earlier.

Fans with this latest theory were absolutely right as Capcom has officially revealed Street Fighter 6 in a short trailer. In the trailer, the character Ryu has a beard, ages, and confronts Luke. Capcom has emphasized that this character will be featured in the next Street Fighter project.

Capcom’s trailer, website, and Twitter account confirm that the new Street Fighter installment no longer uses Roman numerals in the title. The new game is called Street Fighter 6 instead of Street Fighter VI, different from the rest of the games in the series. In addition, Capcom promises that more information about SF6 will be announced next summer, around E3.

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