Cavern of Dreams: A Charming 3D Puzzle Platformer

Cavern of Dreams: A Charming 3D Puzzle Platformer
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Are you ready to embark on an enchanting adventure in a mesmerizing world? Join Finn, a courageous dragon, as he sets out to rescue his siblings’ stolen eggs from an evil bat in the captivating 3D platformer, Cavern of Dreams, developed by Bynine Studio.

A Simple yet Precise Platforming Experience

Finn’s moveset may be small, but it doesn’t hinder the thrill of the game. You can roll by holding the trigger to gain speed, jump, perform a longer jump by attacking the ground, and achieve greater heights by jumping immediately after touching the ground. As you progress and collect more eggs, you’ll unlock new abilities. However, the essence of the game lies in its simplicity, with most of your time spent using your limited abilities to solve puzzles.

Hybrid Puzzle-Solving and Platforming

Exploring the distant eggs becomes an exhilarating mix of puzzle-solving and platforming. You’ll encounter obstacles that demand your problem-solving skills, making your journey all the more satisfying. The puzzles are relatively easy, yet they require you to understand your platforming abilities and utilize the interactable elements of the level creatively. Whether it’s growing a tree to reach higher grounds or gliding over to a different platform, each puzzle presents a unique challenge.

Intriguing Puzzles and Exploration

Puzzles in Cavern of Dreams often involve finding connections between different areas of the level. For instance, you might have to follow a riddle’s clue to discover a switch that unlocks a previously locked door. While a few puzzles may be cryptic, the majority offer an enjoyable experience that tests your sense of exploration and your ability to connect different parts of the level.

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The Absence of Combat

Unlike many platformers, Cavern of Dreams omits combat, which can be both a blessing and a drawback. While it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the jumping challenges, it does leave you yearning for some action during moments of respite. However, fear not, as Finn’s exhilarating rolls down hills and impressive jumps will keep your adrenaline pumping.

A Punishing Platforming Experience

Nevertheless, the platforming in Cavern of Dreams can be unforgiving. Falls into pits result in instant death, and hazards tend to unpredictably bounce you backward, often into a pit. With no health system in place, caution becomes paramount. To progress, it’s best to approach each jump meticulously, mastering the unlockable buttslam technique which grants you vertical height. Some levels feature narrow platforms hovering over pits, and losing minutes of progress can become tiresome rather than enjoyable. In this aspect, the game leans more towards a cautious puzzle platformer rather than an exhilarating joyride.

A Nostalgic Nod to Classic Platformers

Cavern of Dreams draws heavy inspiration from classic Nintendo 64 platformers, evident in its blur filter, low poly models, and charming, simplistic music. Throughout the game’s approximately 5-hour playtime, you’ll find yourself captivated by its unique charm, despite the occasional frustration. However, if you prefer platformers that prioritize the sheer joy of movement, this might not be the ideal fit for you. On the other hand, if you have a penchant for 3D puzzle platformers or have fond memories of beloved N64 games such as Rocket: Robot on Wheels, Cavern of Dreams is certainly worth considering. Set off on this charming little adventure and let your imagination soar!

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