Chance to play Far Cry 6 for free this weekend

Chance to play Far Cry 6 for free this weekend

The Far Cry 6 Free Play Event starts today. This is a chance for those who haven’t experienced the latest game in this longtime FPS series. Event attendees can even try out the latest Far Cry 6 DLC.

The Far Cry 6 event and Stranger Things DLC will launch on Thursday, March 24 at 11am PDT/2pm EDT/6pm. The event ends in the same timeline on Monday, March 28.

The Stranger Things DLC is called “The Vanishing” and is considered a “cross mission” so its scope of content is somewhat limited. Ubisoft hasn’t provided any details on this DLC, but the short trailer reveals the Demogorgon’s appearance in the game with an image of Dani, the protagonist of Far Cry 6, exploring the Upside Down world.

Dani discovers that the Yarans are disappearing and that everyone, including Chorizo, is in danger. In the DLC, players can explore locations inspired by Stranger Things, such as mysterious vaults and abandoned laboratories. Dani’s mission is to find Chorizo ​​and find out what happened to the kidnapped Yarans.

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