Check out the most popular ChinaJoy games 2021

Check out the most popular ChinaJoy games 2021

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the ChinaJoy 2021 exhibition continues to be held as scheduled from July 30 to August 2 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition brings together many great promoters with potential masterpieces. Let’s join GameHub to see what notable names ChinaJoy has this year:



Bien Canh is a multiplayer FPS game developed by Liuyedao Studios and published exclusively by Huya. Unlike many other games of the same genre, Bien Canh takes place in a space where gravity is zero. Thanks to this feature, Bien Canh allows players to fire weapons with a 360° rotation angle, which promises to bring many new experiences to players.

Black Cat Ky Van Xa


Hac Mieu Ky Van Xa is a 2D puzzle action game developed by the creative team at Perfect World. The game is set in a modern city, where players will follow the 4 male protagonists to learn about each other, urban legends and solve the mysterious story. behind these incidents.

Van Nac Mausoleum

As a work that FriendTimes carefully invested in in 2021, Lang Van Nac immediately attracted the attention of many players as soon as it was announced. Lang Van Nac, which has a poetic and lyrical setting, passionate and melodious background music, and attractive love lines between characters, is currently the most anticipated Chinese-style game of this year.

Tran Tinh Lenh Mobile



When it comes to the most anticipated mobile games in China today, it would be a big mistake to ignore Tran Tinh Lenh Mobile. Tran Tinh Lenh Mobile is an adaptation of the famous novel Ma Dao To Su by Mac Huong Dong Khuu. In the spirit of respecting the original, many classic segments and familiar locations like Bat Da Thien promise to be clearly recreated in the game. At the recent ChinaJoy exhibition, NetEase also brought players a series of new photos of the game’s characters.

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mythical empire

Mythical Empire is set in China in the 3rd century AD, which is also at the end of the Eastern Han dynasty, the beginning of the Three Kingdoms. This is considered the darkest period in Chinese history. Constant warfare caused the population to decline rapidly from over 50 million in the Eastern Han dynasty to just over 8 million in the post-Three Kingdoms period.

Set in the era of edged weapons, Mythical Empire pays great attention to the characters’ movements. Heroic battlefields, top-notch matches, and exciting gameplay promise to immerse players in one of the most chaotic periods in Chinese history.

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