Chien Vuong Chicken – Super server made the whole chicken country stir because the gifts were so high quality.

Chien Vuong Chicken - Super server made the whole chicken country stir because the gifts were so high quality.

[24/3 – 20/4] Heavy VIP Gift Bag

From 12:00 3/24 to 23:59 on April 20, Rooster brothers will comfortably receive generous rewards including Super-Sage of Ancients +10/full +40 30 days/Temporary Weapon, Proposal Ring, VIP Voucher of discount, Chicken King special ticket, Super EXP Water (use 10,0000 EXP points), Stones of all kinds, 11-17 attribute jewels, etc. Just sign in to receive a gift, feel free to enter immediately Chicken War King?


[24/3 – 06/04] Get VK-Legend with only 1 coin

Sounds simple and “cheap”, doesn’t it, Chicken brothers? It is the activity “Test your talents to practice” for the new server gamer Chicken Chien Vuong. Please note that each gunner can only receive 1 time during the activity period. With just 02 packs of War King Gifts (S) and (SS), players can receive Premium Pieces Legend-Snow Flower, Tall Pieces- Legend -Lucky, Tall Pieces- Legend-GunPhone, Tall Pieces- Legend -Book Dark, Tall – Legend – Puzzle, Captain’s Shield – High, Vip – Athena – High, Legend – Torpedo – High… The community is very excited about this news.


[24.03] Game of dignity in 01 day

This is considered an extremely interesting activity of the new server because it depends on the dignity of the player. The gunner who levels up the team to reach the milestone will receive all the extremely attractive gifts, the most special of which is the 5-star vampire pet.


[24/3 – 06/04] Quickly master the Chicken Go to Sleep combo

Experience the new Chicken Chien Vuong server, if you remain in the top 10 of the guild battle force, the guild owner and guild members will receive rewards. In addition to the Chicken Go to Sleep combination (Big Gunny Chicken, Gunny’s T-shirt, Gunny’s Gaming Mouse Pad, Gunny’s Blindfold, Gunny’s Neck Pillow), depending on the higher rank, the guild master and members will receive property, regular Coins. , Accessories Card, Champions Guild Title/Excellent Guild/Warriors Guild…


Also, during the event, the top 10 guilds with the most asset points on the server will receive an additional guild bonus.

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It is known that also on this new server, Gunner can x12 Coins locked at 200, 500 and 1,000 Coins or Gunner who recharges once at the milestone (1,000 and 5,000 Coins) will receive additional Wow-Super Gift Packs and Super Gift Packs – Legend . At the same time, he participates in the early version to get a lot of valuable rewards in the game.

According to Gunny PC’s part, after this super special server there will be tournament activities and exciting fanpage games, NPH hopes to continue to provide interesting experiences and good benefits for Gunner to stay with Golden Chicken for a long time.