Chung kết AOV Creator Premium League

Chung kết AOV Creator Premium League
AOV Creator Premium League is the biggest community tournament in the esports village 2021. Hosted by OTA Esports, the tournament also features title sponsor NEWMEN, one of the brands that manufactures high-end PC peripherals and Gaming Gear. spectrum. . Bringing together up to 40 creators large and small from the Mobile Alliance, AOV Creator Premium League promises the fiercest and most exciting battles, where only skill is recognized.

The AOV Creator Premium League, which will take place from August 10 to 30, 2021, will include 2 rounds with 40 creators that will be divided into 8 teams and will participate in 2 round-robin tournaments. At the end of the group stage, the 2 teams with the best results from each group will participate in the final round, competing in the Win-Lost format, thus selecting the best team to be crowned champion. With a total prize value of nearly 170 million VND, the reward for the top-ranked team is very valuable. In addition to the main content of the standard Lien Quan Mobile competition, the tournament will also feature 2 other attractive content that you cannot miss, which is Solo Showmatch between the best players of each team. Not only that, the special cosplay competition that has Creators transform into characters in Lien Quan Mobile will add a unique color to the tournament.

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After tough matches, each group has selected the two strongest teams, including the DK Monkey-led Immune Lord and Commander Hao Sua’s Virus Killer in Group A. Along with that, in Group B is the presence of former Anh Ma player in the role. from the Bactericide team leader and unique lesson plans were jointly compiled by Master X with the brothers from the Antiseptic Squad. It was no surprise that in the first match the strongest Immunolord in Group A crushed Professor X’s team with a score of 3-0.

But this is a big day for Group A as Anti Virus also won against Group B big man Kill Bacteria, the result of the fateful second reunion with DK Monkey’s team in the qualifying match. And with the previous loss, Anh Ma and Teacher X as well as the players from the 2 teams of Bactericide and Antiseptic Squad had to do their best to win a ticket to face the losing team in the winning bracket. This is your only chance to reach the grand finale.


However, once again history cannot be changed as previous final results have been reproduced in both the winners and losers categories. Although in the match he failed to secure a place to go directly to the final round from the winning leg, De Virus participated in the final with a “back door” ticket. They excellently overcame the team “of the same name” “Bactericide” with great difficulty. With a fated arrangement in the losing group, Anh Ma once again defeated Master X’s team and accepted in 3rd place and lost the last ticket to the final battle.


“Three times too much” – that’s what a game of fate is called when two names that are no longer strangers keep appearing in the final battle. From the group stage to the competition in the Antivirus winning branch, they all lost to Mr. Immune. This is the last chance for Hao Sua and his teammates to remove the grudge from him. Will Kill the Virus write a new story or will Immunity Lord establish an ending like the previous ones?

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With great determination in taking on a very strong opponent, the antivirus team entered the match very decisively and consistently, helping them take the lead with a score of up to 4-0. Although there was a smart move when he sneaked in to eat the Heretic God very early, Lord Immune still got a strong “snowball”, 5,000 less money than the enemy team in the 14th minute. But with composure and the very good call of the equipment. phase of captain DK Monkey, the Lord of Immunity is still very stubborn. They exploit even the smallest mistakes by the opposing team to gradually close the money gap, waiting for the right opportunity to counterattack. Under great pressure, the players of the antivirus team could not keep calm. And no matter what, they made the fatal mistake of not summoning enough troops when fending off the God of War Disinfection battle force. With the effort and the mischievous DK Monkey and the whole team of the Immune Lords they took the lead 1-0.

It seemed that there was a mental decline on the part of the antivirus team, but at the beginning of the second game, they continuously changed their lives to win the first game. But with the excitement still boiling over the return of the previous game, Lord Immune is slipping further and further away in terms of money and kills for the opposing team. They do exactly what the enemy did to them before. But Kill Virus also does its job very well like game 1. They wait for strong nighttime main champions like Lu Bo to have enough items. The last consecutive phase of the game is the phase to boost the game of the enemy team of 2 teams when they make consecutive mistakes. But there is a long way to know a good horse. This time, Hao Sua and his teammates gave DK Monkey a bitter taste like Killer Virus tasted in game 1 and brought the final score to 1-1.

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I thought that when the mentality was high, Killing Virus would have the upper hand in the next few games. But it seems that they were flying too high, their feet were no longer on the ground, and forehands for team props were prohibited. Kill Virus had a long fall in both game 3 and 4 when he was overwhelmingly defeated by the Immune Lord. The championship is just 1 more win away from Immune Lord when the score is 3-1 after 4 games.

However, unexpectedly, thinking that the Immune Lord would take the throne after the fifth game, they once again had to receive the same thing that the opponent provoked. The scenario of game 5 and 6 is a copy of game 3 and 4, the only difference is that the two sides replace each other. DK Monkey’s team was too subjective, leading to constant errors in movement and team fights. Taking advantage of that, Baby Bald and Kill Virus punished the enemy and brought the AOV Creators Premium League finals to the deciding game. In this final game, the two teams will reset the previous selections so that everyone can show their strength in the most comprehensive way and climb the podium in the most convincing way.

In this decisive battle, the Immune Sovereign showed signs of crisis as they were only one step away from the championship but let the other side catch up with them. In contrast, with the excellent team performance and rising morale along with the lessons learned from last season, AntiVirus had a strong entry and snowballed very well. No more immaturity like the first game, plus the fall of the Immune Lord, Bald Baby and Kill Virus have an extremely emotional return. More than just a grand finale, it’s also sweet revenge in the AOV Creators Premium League.

With that glorious victory, the MVP of the tournament was none other than Baby Bald, a young man with excellent skills and thinking, who joined the Virus Removal brothers at the top of the tournament.

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