Claiming to have cut more than 18 scenes in manga and anime, the president of the studio had to apologize

Claiming to have cut more than 18 scenes in manga and anime, the president of the studio had to apologize

However, his statement immediately met with strong opposition from the Otaku community. Because according to them, doing so is like wasting the value and culture of Japanese Manga – Anime just to seek profits and expand the market to the West.

Mr. Takeshi Natsuno – President and CEO of Kadokawa Corporation.

TAIHEN Entertainment’s website recently reported that on July 21, in the news program “ABEMA Prime” broadcast on Abema TV, Mr. Takeshi Natsuno, President and CEO of Kadokawa Corporation, had various opinions on the advertising of sensitive images of women (in bikinis) on magazine covers, as well as other “cool” images in manga, anime, and light novels.

In this sense, this president believes that for Japanese manga, anime and games in general to increase their income and reach more Western fans, the most urgent thing is to limit or eliminate sensitive images and content. The reason he gave is that currently most Japanese manga cannot pass AppStore and GooglePlay content censorship, which results in them not being sold or stored on platforms owned by Apple or Google.


As soon as the show aired, Mr. Takeshi Natsuno’s views met with unanimous opposition from the Otaku community, and at the same time, the stock price of the Kadokawa Group (owner of the publishing house of the same name) also began to fall. deeply. On July 27, an apology notice appeared on the group’s official website: “The president of the company gave opinions that do not correspond to his position. The comments in the program are not related to the company’s business policy and the president himself deeply regrets it.” To express his sincere acceptance of his mistake, Mr. Takeshi Natsuno also voluntarily reduced his salary by 20% for the coming August, September and October.

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Although limiting sexually suggestive images in publications that may reach children is welcome, in the minds of most of the otaku community, this is synonymous with throwing away all the strengths of Japanese manga.

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