computer arena 11

computer arena 11

This is a significant milestone for the teams participating in the tournament, as PC Arena’s eleventh season will be the impetus for VALORANT’s first professional season in 2023.

Opportunity from the Computer Arena to the VGGAMES professional tournament system

Coming into Computer Arena Season 11, Intel will continue to take on the role of organizer to create a vibrant and competitive playing field for players in the Vietnam Valorant community. In addition, the tournament is also honored to have the presence of familiar brands such as AOC, Dell, Gigabyte, Lexar, Logitech, MSI, Predator, Samsung, Seagate, ViewSonic, TP-Link, CocaCola and not to mention VALORANT publisher in Vietnam. . VNG games.


Sharing about VNGGames’ company at Computer Arena 11, Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan, VNG’s Game Studio 3 Esports VALORANT representative, said:

“By supporting the Computer Arena brand, the VALORANT Vietnam Esports team affirms its willingness to work with tournament organizers and brands to jointly build the VALORANT Vietnam Esports environment in a methodical, professional and consistent manner.

The Computer Arena will be the first step, and the VALORANT Esports team is always open to anyone who wants to talk to VALORANT, including community-based semi-pro tournaments.”

Coming to this tournament, VNGGames not only appeared as the official game publisher accompanying the event, but also donated a ticket to the final round of VALORANT Vietnam Rising Stars (VVRS) for the tournament champion. This will be the goal that many teams participating in this eleventh season aim to create an explosive springboard for 2023.

With the predecessor VVFD, VVRS is a completely new tournament that will appear in early 2023 and promises to bring more innovation, when this will be the only way for semi-pro teams to enter the professional arena 2023 VCT ​​Challengers Vietnam. A chance and only given to the best, Computer Arena is extremely honored to create an opportunity for young people to break through to the professional stage.

It can be said that VVRS will be the incubator of young VALORANT Vietnam talents when VNGGames’ motto is to always provide the best experience to the players of this game. In addition to the purpose of trading and learning, Computer Arena Season 11 will also be an opportunity for participating players to practice and rub against each other to determine their position in the VALORANT Vietnam pro arena.

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When asked about the ticket for VVRS, Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan said:

Talking about the word “gift” sounds a bit too formal, in essence, the VALORANT esports team in Vietnam wants teams to have more opportunities to compete and rub against each other on the official playing field, and VVRS is the point that will come in 2023. that we want teams to look forward to.

Also, the fact that the teams participating in the Computer Arena will have the opportunity to compete in VVRS also helps you to have more confidence to take on the true giants, instead of fighting forever at the semi-pro level. power, there is nothing to be ashamed of.”


Great Meaning to the VALORANT Vietnam Community During Season 11

Not just a ticket to the VALORANT Pro Season, in this season 11, Computer Arena will continue to bring players to the ONLAN arena after a long time of having to compete ONLINE through the preliminary rounds. With the chance to experience the sensation of being cheered on by thousands of spectators as well as playing directly alongside their opponents, this will be an unforgettable moment for the two teams taking part in the final game of the season.


Although only in the position of a semi-pro tournament, Computer Arena is a major boost for the Vietnamese VALORANT community in late 2022 and early 2023, when coverage of the tournament has reached over 30 netizens across the country, in order to promote the competition movement, as well as explore the potential of young people who have not had many opportunities to participate in large playgrounds. In particular, this is also the most ideal training and rubbing environment for all teams before entering the fierce professional season of 2023.

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The total prize value of Computer Arena 2022 will be up to VND 120 MILLION, including valuable in-kind gifts from sponsors. In particular, the final match will be played offline at the Ho Xuan Huong Gymnasium in Ho Chi Minh City in the BO5 format to see who will lift the championship trophy and bring glory to the cyber game they represent.

Coming to the last day of the tournament, the public not only witnessed the exciting game, but also participated in the experience in the technological stands of the sponsoring brands of the Computer Arena. And yet, when there are still many gifts as well as countless mini-games waiting for the public to attend the final day of the tournament.

Intel’s Vision and Mission for the Gaming Market

After 10 extremely successful seasons with Computer Arena, Intel did not disappoint the audience by taking Valorant Vietnam fans from one surprise to another. From the quality of the tournament to the experience of the participants, everything is carefully focused and crafted by the organizer. Especially with recent seasons, Intel has also expanded the scale of the tournament to bring Computer Arena to all regions of the country, bringing the most authentic esports experiences to every person in S-shaped land.

In addition to enhancing the experience for players participating in the competition, the Intel organizer also wants to develop cooperative relationships with brands and partners to deliver esports tournaments with compelling quality for fans.


This promises to be a truly explosive season with super attractive prizes for players to attend. Follow the Computer Arena fan page for the latest information on the tournament as well as live streaming channels throughout the season!