Consolidate My Konami EFootball Points Campaign

For those playing eFootball 2023 across multiple platforms, this campaign can help unify all your game accounts into one KONAMI ID before the offer ends. To do this, link each game account with one before the deadline arrives.

Earn GP by participating in events, completing objectives, earning daily login bonuses, or simply winning. Use it to purchase standard players or level up training programs!

eFootball 2023

The eFootball 2023 Summer update will soon arrive, bringing with it new features long anticipated by fans. One such feature is the ability to reset progress points using GP, which will allow players to easily jump back into gameplay without grinding away for levels again – something many had been long waiting for after an unsatisfactory launch experience.

In addition, the Summer update will introduce two new types of players: Epic players and Highlight players – giving players more freedom when it comes to team building. Utilizing these player types, players can form unique squads and increase their match-winning odds!

KONAMI has made some strides forward since releasing eFootball 2023, and it will be interesting to witness whether or not they continue making adjustments to this franchise. Notably, the absence of in-game ads makes for an enjoyable player experience while KONAMI also added several events for players to take part in.

eFootball 2023 stands out as an exceptional option because of its various ways to earn in-game currency, such as special cards and user matches, making it easier for players to build their Dream Team while enjoying free gameplay. Furthermore, this version of eFootball boasts more ways to acquire premium currency than FIFA 23 does, giving out special cards at special moments around the world and celebrating events with special cards as rewards.

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However, despite these improvements, eFootball 2023 still experiences several serious issues. One such problem is online lag which can disrupt player experience when played on mobile devices. Luckily, the recent update 2.5.0 addressed this issue while promising further enhancements going forward.

eFootball 2022

Konami will soon unveil a free-to-play sports game entitled eFootball 2022 that boasts an updated Pro Evolution Soccer series with more players and clubs, along with a revamped gameplay monetization model designed to help players reach their maximum potential. It is set for release on 30 September 2022 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices.

The latest update of eFootball offers new gameplay system and enhanced Dream Team rewards, in addition to bug fixes and improved controls on mobile. Furthermore, this version introduces a Friend Match mode exclusively for mobile users.

Major changes include the change in title from Legend cards to Featured players. These players will be selected based on seasonal performance and can be developed through training; additionally they can be acquired through packs, iconics, or club agents.

Though its rebranding may be confusing at first, fans of the franchise welcome its changes as long-awaited updates have yet to arrive and many fans hope the developer can get back on track with this title.

Another major change to eFootball is that the role of GP (Game Points) has been drastically decreased. Before, GP was used to sign players such as legends and managers; now however, its purpose has changed; players will no longer use them this way; it may change in future but not now; until that time arrives players should focus on making space for their base players while keeping an eye out for non-base player transactions using their GP instead of spending it all on them.

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eFootball 2021

eFootball 2021 offers more than the usual game modes; it also boasts an assortment of advanced control features designed to further improve how you interact with the ball. From subtle touches to powerful kicks, directing your players is more realism than ever resulting in smoother football gameplay overall. Furthermore, playing against friends locally or online is another nice touch!

One of the best features of eFootball 2021 is that it utilizes real-world football data to provide a more authentic experience. This information is collected on a weekly basis and implemented within-game, impacting various factors like player condition ratings. As a result, fans of soccer will experience more realistic gameplay that’s sure to please.

Fans will also appreciate that this game allows for you to achieve various achievements in-game, earning you GP that can unlock new items and bolster your team’s strength and ability. These activities can be found under Club House and include tasks such as playing a certain number of matches daily or winning MyClub Coins.

Konami promised that eFootball PES 2021 Season Update would bring fresh ideas and innovations to its franchise, yet in reality it’s mostly just an enhanced version of last year’s release with some added bells and whistles. While that is certainly no bad thing in itself, compared to similar sports titles that cost between $50 to $70 on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles each year.

There are some factors that can reduce the quality of eFootball PES Season Update. While its publisher claims they have made more realistic transfers this year, there remain inaccuracies within players at their partnered clubs – and some players even have release clauses which do not correspond to reality.