Counter-Strike 2 could be revealed this month

Counter-Strike 2 could be revealed this month

According to a well-known Esports journalist, Counter-Strike 2 will be announced and may enter Beta as early as this month. This information was revealed by Richard Lewis, a journalist with a long track record related to Counter-Strike, including a match-fixing scandal in 2015.

Anonymous sources at Richard Lewis say that a new version of Counter-Strike is in the works and has been in development for some time. The new version will almost certainly be released as Counter-Strike 2 and the expected release date for the beta is this March or April 1 at the latest.


The recently released NVIDIA drivers (csgos2.exe and cs2.exe) are also proof of the authenticity of Lewis’s scoop. The old driver will support unspecified new applications. This driver is said to be related to Counter-Strike 2 and was implemented by NVIDIA before the release of the beta version.

Journalist Lewis went on to share that the work on Counter-Strike 2 seems to have affected the handling of CS:GO issues a bit. The highest priority is to bring Part 2 to the public, refine the game, fix the bugs, and bring it to the level expected of CS:GO. The game will run on Source 2 and will have 128 tick servers, to compete with rival title Valorant.

Valve has yet to confirm information about the project. CS:GO remains the most popular game on Valve’s platform, regularly attracting more than 1 million players every day.

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