Counter-Strike 2 officially launched this summer

Counter-Strike 2 officially launched this summer

Counter-Strike 2 has been officially announced and will be released in summer 2023. The free update for CS:GO will usher in a new era of gameplay on Valve’s Source 2 engine. The Steam boss said the update would mark “the biggest technical leap in Counter-Strike history.”

The update is currently in limited beta for some CS:GO players. The full range of features will be announced when Counter-Strike 2 launches and will include: updated and revised maps; game-changing mobile smoke grenades; gameplay with its own tickrate; redesigned visual and sound effects; and move all elements from CS:GO to CS2.

Readers can find more information at Web page Counter-Strike 2, with videos of these novelties. For example, the smoke from a smoke grenade will automatically expand to fill the space: smoke will seep through gaps and broken windows, travel up and down stairwells, spill down long corridors, and mix with other types. of smoke. Smoke dust will also interact with the game’s uniform lighting system. The site also posts before and after images of the revised maps, showing additional detail and improved lighting.

In the section Frequently asked questions from Counter-Strike 2, Valve also announced that all weapon skins, decals, and inventory items from CS:GO will carry over to Counter-Strike 2. However, players found cheating will not stand a chance in the second remake because VAC accounts or CS:GO game ban won’t be able to play Counter-Strike 2 on VAC protected servers.

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