Counter-Strike will have a virtual esports arena

Counter-Strike will have a virtual esports arena

Software developer Virtex is working with the Skybox visualization and analytics platform to build the Virtex Stadium. This virtual arena will launch with Counter-Strike (both CS:GO and Counter-Strike 2).

Virtual Stadium is currently in closed beta on desktops and supported VR headsets. Viewers will experience everything in full 3D. They can watch the games from their seats around the virtual stadium and even access the map to watch the players up close.

The virtual stadium will include a lobby area, a lounge bar, and a main lobby for people to meet friends and players. Players can explore the above locations using custom avatars. The purpose of Virtex Stadium is to provide an opportunity for viewers from around the world to watch live events.

Virtex co-founder Tim McGuinness said: “We’re thrilled to bring a game as big as Counter-Strike to Virtex Stadium and give more fans the chance to experience top-tier gameplay at the same time. CS:GO was the “Third-most I watched an Esports game last year. The game has a huge fan following and we’re excited to partner with Skybox to deliver the experience. A unique 360-degree experience for every fan.”

Counter-Strike is the second esports game to appear on the platform, following the Echo VR’s collaboration with Virtex Stadium last year. Readers can find more information about the beta test at Virtex Stadium website.


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